The Cyclone Rake Leaf Vacuum Advantages 

Packed into every Cyclone Rake leaf and lawn vacuum are features and benefits that you won’t find on products costing a lot more and definitely not on products that cost less. So, before you purchase any leaf and lawn vacuum, compare these features and benefits that are only found with the Cyclone Rake.

A Full 1-Year Cyclone Rake Guarantee – Purchase a Cyclone Rake, use it at your home for a full year and if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll return 100% of your money including all shipping charges. Your total out of pocket cost if you decide to return – ZERO. (Yes, we’re that confident.  And we do mean ZERO.)
An End-to-End 3-Year Warranty – If anything goes wrong because of any defect, you’re covered. Period. (No, we don’t charge more for that.)
Folds Up Flat – It’s the only product of its kind that folds down flat and stores away easily in a garage or shed. You can hang it on the wall and won’t be stuck with another garden cart to find a spot for.
The Engine Difference – We use Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engines. Vanguard engines are rated for 2000 hours. Don’t be misled by others that claim to have commercially rated engines. Ask them how many hours they’re rated for before you buy. (By the way, many companies won’t answer this question.)
The Straightest Debris Path – Because of our (very clever) dual pin hitch, we create the shortest debris path which means our hose doesn’t have to be twice as long. Long hoses mean bunching and clogging. Take a right hand turn with anything but a Cyclone Rake in tow and you’ll see what we mean.

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