Easy Property Care - All Year Long

Not Just A Fall Leaf Cleanup Machine

The Cyclone Rake makes short work of spring cleanup too! It's your best friend after winter's severe weather and in the summer, it will keep your lawns and grounds in perfect shape. It even picks up the weed seed that mowers just scatter around. With this versatile tool, you'll see a real improvement in your lawn and you'll be using far fewer chemicals. When fall arrives, it turns the backbreaking chore of leaf and debris cleanup into an easy, almost fun, project.

Beautiful Lawns— Plus Weed Control, Without Chemicals

Cyclone Rake leaf and lawn vacuum systems are great for year-round lawn care. With ten times the lifting power of most riding mowers, its powerful Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine and vacuum system get the thickest lawns clean, even when they're wet. No more clots of dead grass to spoil the lawn. No more dethatching to remove dead grass clippings. Best of all, it's not only the grass clippings that get picked up. The weed seeds are gone too, so you'll have a healthier lawn with fewer chemicals.

Control Overgrown Fields and Meadows

If you have serious overgrown areas on your property, you can cut them with a mower, but clearing the tons of heavy clippings is serious work and most bagger systems are not up to the task. With the Cyclone Rake lawn and leaf vacuum it's simple. The field shown here was about two feet tall. Now it looks like a fairway with the help of the Cyclone Rake Z-10.

Effortless Fall Cleanup

With a Cyclone Rake, you'll clear the toughest properties with sitting-down ease. Leaves and lawn debris come right up. Our premium, commercial-grade engines, and patented Miracle Impellers give you 10 times the lifting power of most riding mowers. The Cyclone Rake's huge load capacity is many times what leaf baggers and lawn sweepers can handle so you'll stop to unload less often. In a few easy hours, you can finish fall yard care chores that would take days of hard labor any other way.

Pine Needles and Cones are No Problem

The Cyclone Rake's powerful vacuum system will clear years of matted pine needles and pine cones too. Even those unsightly nuts and acorns are picked up effortlessly leaving your lawn looking great.

Mulch Debris to a Fraction of Its Original Size

With a Cyclone Rake, dry, bulky debris like leaves, sticks, and pine needles are mulched and shredded as you drive making disposal much easier. Your compost piles will be much smaller, and you'll get beautiful, nutrient-rich topsoil years sooner. You can't do this with a regular leaf bagger.

Clear Difficult Areas with Ease

Our Power Vacuum Pickup accessory clears ivy beds, foundation plantings, steps, decks — just about any area you can't drive to. This powerful leaf vacuum gives you 17 feet of reach plus vacuum power that will amaze you. You can pick up just about any debris that isn't hard-frozen to the ground.

Clear 3,000 Square Feet in a Single Pass

Our Estate Vacuum accessory is the big brother to the Power Vacuum Pickup above. Its 32-foot length lets you reach an area 64 feet across and can clear up to 3,000 square feet from a single location. Recommended for the Commercial PRO, XL, or Z-10 models.

Power Unload to Places Where You Can't Drive

Our Power Unloader accessory works like a snow thrower to throw debris over a fence, behind the trees, or to fill a truck. It works in conjunction with the Power Vacuum Pickup or Estate Vacuum.

Easy-Flow™ Unloading Saves Your Back

Our Easy-Flow Unloading system turns a tough job into an easy one. The collector unit lifts to a full 60° and locks rigidly in place, like a dump truck. All you have to do is drive away. Let gravity do the work, not your arms and back. It's available on Commander, Commercial PRO, XL, and Z-10 models.