Quality Unmatched in the Industry

Building quality takes a lot of effort. And it costs more.

Here are some examples of what we do.

Engines: A Brand You Can Trust

For over 20 years the Cyclone Rake has used only the most high-quality engine brands available. While other power equipment brands on the market use generic engines with a label on them. We thought you deserved better than that. This is why we only use Briggs & Stratton brand engines on all the Cyclone Rake models. With the XR950-PRO on our standard models and the Vanguard line on our Premium models, you’ll never be left wondering why you don't have enough power.


Real Rubber Tires

You'd be surprised, but many power equipment suppliers don't use real rubber tires. Instead, they’re primarily a mixture of lower-grade plastics with various fillers. We use the real thing, from only the top-grade suppliers who proudly put their company name on each tire. They last many times longer than the no-name substitutes commonly sold.


Quick-Release Latches

You don't need wrenches and screwdrivers to change hoses or set up your Cyclone Rake. All connections are made by heavy-duty solid steel spring-loaded latches with a holding force of 70 pounds each. We use at least 10 of them on every Cyclone Rake, and even more if you own our accessories. And, of course, they are polished triple-plated chrome like our other moving parts.

Ball Bearings

We use heavy-duty ball bearings wherever they’re needed. For example, the trunnion bearings in our swivel wheels are type 6306 double-sealed industrial ball bearings with a dynamic load capacity of 6,000 pounds. Each bearing weighs over ¾ of a pound, which is probably more than the wheel bearings in your car. And our Briggs & Stratton™ engines are loaded with ball bearings, which is one of the reasons for their long life.

Solid Steel Parts

Wherever strength is important we use solid steel parts that are virtually indestructible. For example, these clamp knobs are machined from steel bar stock or upset-forged by special dies, just for the Cyclone Rake. You can lose them, but you sure can’t break them!

High Strength Fasteners

Common bolts are known as grade 2. We don’t use them. All our fasteners ¼ inch or larger are either grade 5, grade 8, or metric grade 8.8, with a yield strength of 92,000 psi or better. Many of our fasteners are custom-designed and manufactured just for us because stock fasteners are not good enough.

Our Collector Bags Are Extraordinary

They’re miracles of engineering design that last for years. The fabric is 1200 denier polyester with sun-fade UV protection and a pure polymer backing that stays flexible for years. Seams are double or triple-sewn with special industrial-strength synthetic polymer thread that never rots or weakens. Top screens are a solid polymer that’s impervious to abrasive dirt, dust, and stones. Even the collar that connects the bag to the blower chute is solid steel (not elastic fabric) with two 70-pound spring-loaded latches for a secure attachment.