About Us

How Did This Happen?

All those years ago, one really smart guy got fed up with raking leaves. He looked around and saw that there were few good tools for the job. But he was a physics grad from Caltech and an engineering Ph.D. from Columbia, so he decided to do something about it.

Meet Jim. He's the Founder of Woodland Power Products, and inventor of the Cyclone Rake.

And all these years later, there's a real team with real commitment, carrying on the vision and the promise. 
Yup, we're here to help make your tough jobs easy!


Meet Some of the Team


Here we are. Well, some of us. Others will appear as the days roll by.

Hi from the Woodland Power Products Team. On any given day when you phone in, chat or stop by, you’re likely to have some time with any one of us. And that's good news, because no matter who you deal with, you will be working  with someone that knows these products, has built these products, and has used these products. We're pretty proud of that because, well, you don't find that everywhere. And we think that translates into a way better customer experience.

Oh, and one more thing.
We're passionate about your experience with us. So know that we will always go the extra distance to make you happy.

Our Mission

For us, capturing the mission in a few words is pretty easy. Woodland Power Products mission is to make tough jobs easy through the development of superior products and through unmatched support of our customers.

We practice every day. We are always striving to get better. We know we have more work to do. And we are going to do that work.