Cyclone Nut Rake

*NOTICE: Cyclone Tow-Behind Nut Rake is OUT of STOCK**

We’ve Got a Nut Collector for ALL Your Nuts

We call it The Cyclone Nut Rake. You might call it a nut collector, a nut harvester, or a nut picker-upper. Whatever you call this amazing new tool, you can be sure it will easily gather all the different types of nuts that fall on your lawn and driveway. From acorns and hickory nuts up to black walnuts and sweet gum balls, the Cyclone Nut Rake will collect them all. If you’ve tried raking nuts, you know that’s far from a good solution (and it’s tiring). While some nut-gathering systems pick up some of the nuts, the Cyclone Nut Rake picks up all of them. Everything you’ll need is included with each model, including free shipping, to make all your nuisance nuts disappear. Simply roll over the nuts and the pickup wheels will effortlessly collect them, and the ejector fins will toss them into the removable bin for easy disposal. It’s that simple. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to pick up those nuts.

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