Cyclone Rake Features

10 Unique Cyclone Rake Features You Won’t Find in Any Other Leaf Collector System

Check out these great benefits, available only with the Cyclone Rake lawn and leaf vacuum.

Folds Up Flat For Storage

Only Cyclone Rake folds up flat, just 8 inches thick, in 5 minutes or less without any tools. You can even hang it on the wall in your garage or shed.

All components disconnect with quick-release latches, simple knobs, or spring pins. Even the wheels snap off in seconds. The engine unit rolls away on its caster wheels. You won’t need an extra garage bay or a barn off-season. Watch the video to see how compact and easy it is.

Powerful Engines With A Name You Can Trust

Every Cyclone Rake comes equipped with a Briggs & Stratton® brand engine. When other companies skimp and use generic engines, you can be confident you’re getting the best with Briggs & Stratton.

Built for mission-critical applications like emergency power generation, critical flood pumping, and highway safety applications where failure and repair are not options. The XR950-Pro and Vanguard line are a world apart in durability, performance, and easy starting.

The Best Vacuum System, Exclusive on the Cyclone Rake

Only the Cyclone Rake features the JetPath Vacuum System which ensures a clog-free performance using a combination of the straightest path, the Cyclone Rake Blower Unit, and the XR950-PRO and Vanguard engines. The debris flow path is about half the length of other systems, which minimizes friction and increases flow capacity.

It’s not only shorter in length, but it completely avoids the hose twists and turns of other systems, which can cause clogs and jams. In addition, all connections are designed to eliminate obstructions in the flow path, just like shingles on a roof to shed rainwater. So snags and obstacles in the vacuum path don’t exist. Coupled with our Brigg & Stratton® engines, it’s the best and most reliable you can get.

Huge Debris Capacity

The Cyclone Rake offers a huge amount of debris capacity, up to 415 gallons (55 cubic feet) in our three largest models. So you can tackle the biggest jobs with confidence.

The Miracle Impeller, Your Bulletproof Vest

Only Cyclone Rake features the patented Miracle Impeller, which offers the maximum protection against damage caused by rocks, hardwood, or even metal objects accidentally ingested.

Instead of bending or breaking, it absorbs the shock of impact, flexes to pass the debris, and then straightens itself out to run quietly and true. It saves costly repairs and downtime that are common with other equipment.

Never Jackknifes

Only the Cyclone Rake never jackknifes when maneuvering or backing up. Our unique dual-pin hitch design makes backing up as easy as going forward. So you can easily maneuver into (and out of) tight areas like corners or between shrubs, trees, or buildings. And backing up to unload is quick and simple.

Shorter, Lower and More Maneuverable Than Other Designs.

Only Cyclone Rake is shorter in length than any other product of its kind, because it does not need the long tow bar other products use. So it takes less room to maneuver in tight areas, or park in your shed for the night. Yet it has the largest debris capacity.

The Most Models and Accessories

Only Cyclone Rake offers by far the broadest selection of models, accessories and professional upgrades in the industry. So you can tailor your Cyclone Rake to the needs of your particular property. You don’t have to overpay for things you don’t need, or settle for less than your perfect requirements. We have a solution for every homeowner and every property.

A True 12 Month Risk-Free Home Trial

Only Cyclone Rake offers a true 1-Year risk-free home trial, for residential use and a 6-Month Trial for commercial use with no hidden charges. If you don’t want to keep it, we will give you a full refund (less sales tax after 90 days), including shipping both ways, anywhere in the contiguous United States or contiguous Canada. There are no restocking fees, shipping charges or other hidden costs.

A FREE Bumper-to-Bumper Worry-Free Warranty

We understand things come up. It’s rare but sometimes things go wrong and we want you to feel absolutely comfortable in that unlikely event. Our Standard Models come with the  XR950 Engine and FREE 2-Year, Worry-Free Warranty. Our Premium models come with  Vanguard Engines and a FREE 3-Year, Worry-Free Warranty.