Mower Deck Adapters

Get Optimum Vacuum Performance

Seamlessly connect your leaf and lawn vacuum to the deck of your mower using our Mower Deck Adapters (MDA). Our Mower Deck Adapters are made from high-density polyethylene to withstand your most abrasive debris and they don’t have any constriction points, so the opportunity for clogging has virtually been eliminated.

If you DO NOT know which MDA you needclick here, fill out the form, and tell us your mower's make, model number, and deck size and we will reply with the MDA you need to connect to your specific mower.

NOTE: The MDA will change depending on your Cyclone Rake and mower, so you will need to know the specific make and model of the mower you have before ordering.

If you DO know the MDA part number you need, click on your Cyclone Rake model below to find your new MDA. Once on the MDA selection page, simply scroll down in the dropdown box to find the specific MDA part number you need and then click “Add to Cart”.

NOTE: Our MDAs come in 2 formats – Cut and Uncut. The Cut MDAs will come ready to attach to your mower. The Uncut MDAs will require cutting to match your mower deck opening. We’ll provide great directions so you get a super fit for your mower.