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3-Minute Video Introduction
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The 3-minute video above gives you a quick overview of the Cyclone Rake and shows how to navigate our website. We hope you’ll decide to spend a few minutes with us to learn more about our leaf and lawn vacs.

The Cyclone Rake is a leaf vacuum and leaf mulcher in the fall and a powerful lawn vacuum in spring and summer. Plus, it’s the only leaf and lawn vac that folds up flat for storage. You can even hang it on the wall. The Cyclone Rake is a tow behind vacuum system that easily hitches to almost any riding mower or zero-turn mower and transforms it into a high-capacity, super-powerful outdoor cleanup machine. In a few easy hours you can do a job that would take a whole crew of landscapers or weekend after weekend of hard labor any other way.

10 Unique Features You Won't Find Anywhere Else!

Only Cyclone Rake lawn vacuum system offers a true risk free trial 1. A True 12-Month Risk Free Trial

The Cyclone Rake is the only tow behind leaf vacuum the offers a true risk-free 12-month trial. If at any time during the first 12 months of ownership you decide to return your Cyclone Rake, we will refund your purchase, including shipping charges both ways within the contiguous United States or Canada. There are no restocking fees, return shipping charges or other hidden costs. Click here for details.

2. The JetPath® Vacuum System

Only the Cyclone Rake lawn and leaf vac features the JetPath™ vacuum system. It’s about half the length of other products and runs straight as an arrow from your mower deck to the inlet of the vacuum-mulcher unit. This improves vacuum power and greatly reduces the possibility of jams and clog-ups due to twists and turns of the vacuum hose. Plus, it’s aerodynamically designed for maximum flow, and has a larger diameter than many others. Click here to learn more about our lawn vacuum system.

Patented Miracle Impeller generates increased vacuum power and protects clogs or against system damage. 3. The Patented Miracle Impeller

Only the Cyclone Rake has the patented Miracle Impeller that flexes to pass hard debris like rocks or deadwood, then straightens itself out to run true as new. This gives maximum protection against the most frequent cause of damage to lawn vacuum equipment. Click here to see how the Miracle Impeller works.

Only Cyclone Rake lawn vacuum systems Fold Flat for Storage 4. Folds Up Flat For Storage

Only the Cyclone Rake folds up flat, just 8 inches thick without any tools at all. You can even hang it on the wall in your garage, shed or basement. There is nothing else comparable. Click here it see how easy.

Our tow behind lawn vacuums have the most debris capcity 5. The Largest Capacity

Our top three Cyclone Rake models have the largest debris capacity available. You get more done in less time, with fewer trips to unload. This really matters for people with large properties or exceptional-size cleanup jobs.

Brigg & Stratton Vanguard Engines - The most reliable engines they build 6. Vanguard Engines

Only the Cyclone Rake features premium Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™ engines on every model. These are the highest quality that Briggs builds. They are built for critical power applications like emergency generators and professional contractors. They cost more, but they have greater dependability and far longer life than the consumer-grade engines commonly sold. Click here to learn more about premium Vanguard engines.

The tow-behind lawn vac that never jackknives when backing up 7. It Never Jackknifes

Only the Cyclone Rake never jackknifes, no matter what mower it’s hitched to. So, you can easily drive into and out of the most difficult places. Backing up to unload is as easy as going forward. This is a tremendous advantage on tight or congested properties, or when avoiding things like fences, trees, light fixtures or planting beds.

Solid steel quick disconnects are unique to the Cyclone Rake 8. Quick Disconnects Everywhere

Only the Cyclone Rake features solid steel quick disconnects for all hoses and accessories. You don’t need tools to change hoses or mount accessories. This saves tons of time, not to mention lost tools and aggravation!

We have the largest selection of accessories to make big jobs easier 9. The Largest Selection of Accessories

The Cyclone Rake has the largest selection of helpful Accessories and Pro Upgrades. So, you can tailor your Cyclone Rake to your own particular property needs. And, all of our accessories can be added later on if you wish. There is complete backward compatibility for our accessories. So you can buy what you need now, then add to it later if you wish.

The Cyclone Rake can easily fit up to almost any mower 10. Fits Virtually Any Mower

The Cyclone Rake has hitch and mower deck fit-ups available for virtually all mowers, tractors and ZTR’s. We don’t leave you to “go it alone” when fitting up. Our knowledgeable customer service technicians will get you just what you need.