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Why Choose Cyclone Rake?

There are lots of reasons to choose a Cyclone Rake. This great machine was one of the first leaf and lawn vacuums to come to market, way back in 1997. And each year since, we have been working to constantly improve the performance, ease of use, and functionality of the Cyclone Rake. All that work means one really wonderful thing...You get to do a lot less work.

We suppose there are some folks that really enjoy manually raking and hauling and blowing their leaves around. For the rest of us, getting the job done in a fraction of the time with a lot less effort sounds like a great idea. The Cyclone Rake let’s you do that. And check out all these other features that you’ll really like.

Advanced Lawn Vacuum System Resists Clogging

The Cyclone Rake's advanced lawn vacuum system has been designed from the ground up to resist clogging, even from the heaviest wet debris. Our large intake diameter (ranging from 7" to 10"), short straight flow path and absence of twists and turns gives the greatest available protection against clogs and jams.

Click here to learn more about our lawn vacuum system.

Patented Protection from Rocks and Hard Debris

Our patented Miracle Impeller flexes to pass hard debris like rocks or deadwood, then straightens itself out to run true as new. This gives maximum protection against the most frequent cause of damage to lawn vacuum equipment.

Folds Flat for Storage Almost Anywhere

Storage-homeOnly the Cyclone Rake folds up flat, just 8 inches thick without any tools at all. You can even hang it on the wall in your garage, shed or basement. There is nothing else comparable.

The Safest to Drive - and it Never Jackknifes

Safest-homeOnly the Cyclone Rake never jackknifes, no matter what mower it’s hitched to. So, you can easily drive into and out of the most difficult places. Backing up to unload is as easy as going forward. This is a tremendous advantage on tight or congested properties, or when avoiding things like fences, trees, light fixtures or planting beds. Learn more.


Powered by Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™ Engines

engine-homeOnly the Cyclone Rake features premium Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™ engines on every model. These are the highest quality that Briggs builds. They are built for critical power applications like emergency generators and professional contractors. They have greater dependability and far longer life than consumer-grade engines.




Shop for Parts Online
Do you need parts for your Cyclone Rake? Getting the parts you need to keep your Cyclone Rake in tip-top shape is fast and easy. We have many of the most commonly asked for service parts and accessories in stock and available to order online. Plus, they will usually ship within 1-2 business days.


Pre-Season Sale
Save $150

Plus, get FREE SHIPPING on All Accessories and Upgrades with every Cyclone Rake model purchased by August 31, 2015



Will it Fit on My Mower?

The Cyclone Rake can be installed on virtually any mower that has the grass discharge on the right-hand side, as seen from the driver's seat.




Three-Year Warranty

All Cyclone Rakes and accessories are covered by a full three year warranty for residential use and one year for commercial use.

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