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The 4-minute video above gives you a quick look at the Cyclone Rake lawn vacuum system and shows how to navigate our website. We hope you’ll decide to spend a few minutes with us to learn more about our leaf and lawn vacs.

The Cyclone Rake is a leaf vacuum and leaf mulcher in the fall and a powerful lawn vacuum in spring and summer. Plus, it’s the only leaf and lawn vacuum that folds up flat for storage. You can even hang it on the wall. The Cyclone Rake tow behind vacuum system hitches to any riding mower or zero-turn mower and transforms it into a high-capacity, super-powerful outdoor cleanup machine. In a few easy hours you can do a job that would take a whole crew of workmen or days of hard labor any other way.

Every Cyclone Rake Leaf and Lawn Vacuum Includes These Great Features

The Lawn Vacuum System That’s Virtually Clog Free

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Many lawn vacuum systems constantly clog with debris. Stopping to clear the jams is frustrating and dirty work. By comparison, the Cyclone Rake’s advanced lawn vacuum systems are almost clog-free. Our vacuum intake diameter is much larger than most other lawn vacuum systems. The flow path is far shorter, with no twists and turns. Every inch of the lawn vacuum flow path has been carefully designed for aerodynamic efficiency and to eliminate the catch points that can snag debris. Click here to learn more about our lawn vacuum system.

Patented Protection from Rocks and Hard Debris
Patented Miracle Impeller generates increased vacuum power and protects clogs or against system damage.

Lawn vacuum debris passes right through the vacuum unit. Rocks, sticks, chunks of deadwood and other hard objects impact the impeller vanes at speeds over 100 miles per hour. The result can be a bent impeller, a jammed lawn vacuum or damage to the engine. Our patented Miracle Impeller eliminates these problems. Made of a high-tech elastomer, the vanes flex to absorb shock, allow the debris to pass by, and then straighten themselves back to perfect shape. No jammed lawn vacuum, no bent vanes, no engine damage. Click here to see how the Miracle Impeller works..

Folds Flat for Storage Almost Anywhere
Only Cyclone Rake lawn vacuum systems Fold Flat for Storage

Lawn vacuums are large machines. But how many people have a spare garage or barn? The Cyclone Rake is the only lawn and leaf vacuum that folds up flat, only 8 inches thick, in less than 5 minutes, with no tools needed. You can even hang it on the wall. The engine unit detaches from the chassis without tools, and has its own caster wheels. So you can roll it away anywhere. It has a storage footprint smaller than a push mower.

The Safest to Drive — and it Never Jackknifes
The tow-behind lawn vac that never jackknives when backing up

Most tow behind lawn vacuums jackknife when backing up — and they are so tall that you’re completely blind to the rear. That can be dangerous to property, fences, plantings — even children. The low profile of the Cyclone Rake lawn vacuum gives you good, clear visibility to protect your fences, shrubs and family members. Plus, our special hitch design will never jackknife. So you can back up to unload with ease. Or maneuver in the tightest places without getting stuck. No other lawn vac is so easy and safe to drive.

The Only Lawn Vacuum Powered by Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard Engines
Brigg & Stratton Vanguard Engines - The most reliable engines they build

Cyclone Rakes are the only leaf and lawn vacuums powered completely by premium Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard engines. These are the finest engines Briggs & Stratton builds. They are usually seen only in critical applications like backup power generation or emergency equipment. We build them into every Cyclone Rake. Click here to learn more about premium Vanguard engines..