XL- 20th Anniversary Edition

  • Owners-Git-Pack
  • FREE-Jack-and-Wheels
  • 5-Year-Maintenance
  • 1280x720-XL-20Ann-Model
  • Owners-Git-Pack
  • FREE-Jack-and-Wheels
  • 5-Year-Maintenance
  • 1280x720-XL-20Ann-Model

Celebrate the Next 5 Years Worry Free

We’ve created a one-of-a-kind offer to celebrate our 20th Anniversary with an amazing, limited edition Cyclone Rake XL – AE. Built on the base XL model, we’ve upgraded these units with spectacular touches including black powder coated frames, 5-year warranty plus 5 years of basic maintenance kits (oil, air filters, stabilizer and spark plugs) shipped right to you every Fall. Your Cyclone Rake XL-AE will be the envy of the neighborhood – And so will your lawn.

$49 Shipping — To a Depot**
$149 Shipping — To Your Door**
Starting at: $2,145.00 $1,995.00
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600x200-free-jack-wheelsFREE 3rd Wheel Jack Stand & Dual-PRO Super Wheels!


20th Anniversary Owner's Gift Pack

An Anniversary Edition owner deserves some extra perks. You’ll look great and stay safe in your new gear. And, we’ve even included an ingenious oil drain plug to make oil changes a breeze.

  • Personalized  Owner’s Manual
  • 20th Anniversary Cap
  • Solid Brass Key Chain
  • EZ Oil Drain Plug
  • Reusable Ear Plugs
  • Stylish Safety Goggles

5-Year Warranty*

We’ve taken our standard 3-year warranty and made it even better. Rest easy knowing that your Anniversary Edition XL is covered into the next decade.
* Residential use only. 1-Year commercial warranty


5-Year Maintenance Package

The 20th Anniversary Edition Cyclone Rake XL includes an amazing maintenance package. No need to worry about remembering to tune-up your Cyclone Rake. We’ll send you a FREE Basic Maintenance Kit at the beginning of the Fall season right through 2021.


8-inch Diameter JetPath Vacuum System

The 8-inch diameter JetPath Vacuum System on the Cyclone Rake XL gives you 177% more flow area than the 6-inch systems commonly used. This means much more debris capacity and far fewer clogs, even with heavy, wet material. Plus, get a FREE Tuff-PRO Urethane deck hose upgrade!


8 HP Vanguard Engine

This 8HP commercial-grade Briggs & Stratton Vanguard™ engine is the finest engine line built by Briggs & Stratton. Real contractor power and durability for years of tough use. Electric Start Now Available! Click here for more on Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engines.


Super-Flow Miracle Impeller

Our Super-Flow Miracle Impeller™ is engineered to be used with the more powerful Briggs & Stratton engines. When combined with the 8HP engine, the XL delivers 70% more vacuum power than our Cyclone Rake Commercial PRO model. This kind of power makes large property cleanup almost effortless.


415-Gallon Clean-up Capacity

Larger properties are easy to clean up with the XL's huge 415-gallon capacity. That equals 55 cubic feet or 44 bushels. More than a dozen big 32-gallon lawn barrels. So, you get more work done in less time, with fewer trips to unload.



Cyclone Rake XL - 20th Anniversary Edition

Make Woodland Power Products, Inc.
Best for 16 HP or larger Tractors
Recommended Deck 42" - 60" mower deck widths
Vacuum System 8- inch Diameter Jet-Path
Impeller 5 - Blade Super-Flow Impeller
Collector Capacity 415 gals /55 Cu.ft. /44 bushels
Collector Dumping Angle 60o
Width 48 inches
Height 54 inches
Length 79 inches
Unloading Method Easy-Flow
Rigid Dumping Lock Yes
Folds Flat Yes


Hitch Type 2 Pin Hitch- Never Jackknifes


Make Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™
Ft Lbs Torque 8 HP / 13.4 ft lbs torque
Displacement 305 cc
Engine Type OHV
Number Of Cylinders 1
Air Filter Dual Element
Pre Cleaner Yes
Oil Capacity 16.9 oz
Lubrication Splash
Oil Type SAE 30W HD
Engine RPM 3600
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Electric Start Available


Cyclone Rake Warranty 3 years residential use
Engine Warranty 3 years coverage from B & S



All Cyclone Rake machines are built to order in our West Haven, CT factory and ship in 1-2 business days. Choose the shipping option that suits you best.

If you have access to a pickup truck (or a large SUV) you can choose our Ship to Depot option. We'll ship your new Cyclone Rake to a Depot near you and you'll be responsible to pick it up at that location. Most Depots are open on weekdays between 8AM and 5PM.

If you'd like to get your Cyclone Rake delivered, you can choose the To Your Door option and we'll ship your Cyclone Rake right to your home via our outstanding FedEx Ground service ($149). You do not need to be home for this delivery and FedEx will deliver in a traditional FedEx truck – No tractor trailers in your driveway. 


Ship to a Depot  (Lower 48)

ShipTo Your Door (Lower 48)

Eastern Canada

Western Canada

All Other

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commercial-pro Commercial PRO
Cyclone Rake Prices

List Price: $1,195

Sale Price $1,095

List Price: $1,495

Sale Price $1,345

List Price: $1,695

Sale Price $1,545

List Price: $1,895

Sale Price $1,795

List Price: $2,245

Sale Price $2,095

Best for Smaller properties with slopes or congested areas Mid-size properties with moderate leaf cover Mid-size to large properties with heavy leaf cover Large properties, 
estates or commercial use
Very large properties, estates or commercial use
Mower/Tractor Recommendations
Mower Guidelines 8 HP or larger. 10 HP or larger. 14 HP or larger 16 HP or larger 16 HP or larger.
Mower deck recommendations

26"-40" mower
deck widths

36"-46" mower 
deck widths
38"-48" mower
deck widths
42"-54" mower
deck widths
42"-72" mower 
deck widths
Product Specifications
Vacuum System 7-inch dia.
Vacuum System
8-inch dia. JetPath 8-inch dia. JetPath 8-inch dia. JetPath 10-inch dia. JetPath
Engine 5.5 HP Vanguard
(8.5 ft lbs torque)
6.5 HP Vanguard
(9.1 ft lbs torque)
6.5 HP Vanguard
(9.1 ft lbs torque)
8 HP Vanguard
(13.4 ft lbs torque)
10 HP Vanguard
(14.4 ft lbs torque)
Capacity 200 gallons
27 cubic feet
22 bushels
285 gallons
38 cubic feet
32 bushels
415 gallons
55 cubic feet
44 bushels
415 gallons
55 cubic feet
44 bushels
415 gallons
55 cubic feet
44 bushels
Impeller Miracle Impeller 
Miracle Impeller 
Unloading method Standard Easy-Flow Easy-Flow Easy-Flow Easy-Flow
W x H x L 35” x 49” x 73” 43” x 49” x 73” 48” x 54 ” x 79” 48” x 54” x 79” 48” x 54” x 79”
Collector dumping angle 60° 60° 60° 60° 60°
Rigid dumping lock Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hitch type 2-pin: Never jackknifes 2-pin: Never jackknifes 2-pin: Never jackknifes 2-pin: Never jackknifes 2-pin: Never jackknifes
Folds flat 
for storage
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accessories Available
Estate Vacuum™ - 32 ft. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power Vacuum Pickup™ - 17 ft. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maintenance Kit
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Roof Rack Carrier™ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power Unloader™ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wall Mount Kit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3rd Wheel™ 
Jack Stand
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power Lift-Unloader Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3-point Hitch & Custom Hitches Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PRO Upgrades Available
Blue Diamond Liner Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Super Wheels
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Super Hose
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mower Deck Adapter(MDA) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
E-Start Engine No No No Yes Yes


If you're not sure which Cyclone Rake model is best for your property, call our Customer Service Specialists toll-free at  888-531-7253.

We're here to help!