Custom Fit for Your ZTR or Garden Tractor

Your new Cyclone Rake lawn and leaf vacuum is engineered to fit your mower, whether that’s a ZTR, a traditional garden tractor or sub-compact tractor. And after more than 20 years of building Cyclone Rakes and manufacturing the critical connection components, you could say we know a thing or two about making these critical connections.

Unlike other products which treat these fit ups as an afterthought, we started at the connection points and worked outward, and the reason for that is simple: your lawn and leaf vacuum will be as good as the weakest link and if that weak link is at a connection point, your performance will suffer.

Every Cyclone Rake has 3 connection points and here’s how we’ll connect to yours.


1. Mower Deck Adapter

The Mower Deck Adapter (MDA) attaches to your mower’s deck and creates the pathway for the debris to move from the mower back to the Cyclone Rake. Made from high density polyethylene, these custom adapters will give you years of trouble free service and they’re rugged enough to handle all the grass, leaves, nuts and yes, the occasional rock that you may inadvertently pick up. And after the initial installation, the Cyclone Rake MDAs can be removed or reattached in less than 30 seconds. We have literally thousands of different configurations and many of them come pre-cut from our factory.


2. The Deck Hose

Some companies treat the hose as an afterthought leaving you to figure out the right length. The simple fact in moving debris is that you want to always have the shortest debris path possible and because of the Cyclone Rake design, there simply is no shorter or straighter debris path than with a Cyclone Rake. With every order, we include a custom cut hose either in PVC or our upgraded Urethane that is sized to your mower AND the Cyclone Rake unit you have chosen. It creates the straightest path between you and a beautiful lawn. 


3. The Hitch

Part of the incredible functionality of the Cyclone Rake is created by our dual pin hitch set up which produces a 2-point connection to your mower. This setup allows the Cyclone Rake to become one with your mower and creates amazing advantages.

  • No jackknife when you back up.
  • No need for extra-long hose like single-pin setups which create massive clogging opportunities.