What’s a Leaf and Lawn Vacuum?



Trying to find a way to clear your property can be intimidating. A hand rake isn’t working anymore, but beyond that it’s hard to know where to start. If your search led you our way, welcome! We’re the Cyclone Rake. We’re a lawn vac that’s changing the way you think about property care.  

When you’re choosing a machine to handle clearing your property, it can be confusing what sets one apart from another. The main thing it whittles down to though is ease of use. If the machine you’re purchasing isn’t easy, and built to last, what’s the point? With the Cyclone Rake you can always be sure you’re getting the best, and easiest to use, product out there. Here are some basic things any leaf vac should cover: 

  • A System that Won’t Clog: The JetPath Vacuum System in the Cyclone Rake will allow you to clear every speck of debris on your lawn, without any clogging.  
  • Easy to Store: Every Cyclone Rake model folds down to just 8 inches thick, so you can store it right on the wall of your garage or shed. Don’t worry about it taking up a ton of your space. 
  • Materials that Won’t Break: The Miracle Impeller in the Cyclone Rake is made from an industrial grade super elastomer. Unlike with metal impellers, the Impeller in the Cyclone Rake will allow you to pick up the heaviest, most abrasive debris without worrying about damage.   
  • Engines with a Name You can Trust: We only use Briggs & Stratton brand engines on all our Cyclone Rakes. Whether it’s the professional-grade XR950-PRO or the commercial-grade Vanguard line, you can be sure your Cyclone Rake is powered by the highest quality engines available.  

You can call it a Lawn Vac or even a Grass Rake VacuumThese are just a few things that any leaf and lawn vac should include, and they’re things that set the Cyclone Rake apart. So, whether you’re interested in clearing leaves, pine cones, pine straw, or you need a grass rake vacuum, the Cyclone Rake is the machine for you.