Cyclone Rake Overview

As one of the most powerful and versatile yard vacuums for sale, the Cyclone Rake leaf and lawn vacuum system comes with a broad variety of benefits.

The Cyclone Rake in Action

The Cyclone Rake Leaf Vacuum is one of the most powerful and versatile tools you can own. Thousands of customers have discovered the time saving capabilities of this engineered piece of equipment and we’ve put together a number of videos to show the Cyclone Rake in action. These leaf vacuum videos demonstrate our different models as well as many of our accessories taking the toughest fall cleanup jobs and making them easy.

The Cyclone Rake leaf vacuum is still the only leaf vacuum for sale of its kind that comes with a complete unconditional 1-year risk free trial. Put it to the test and see the extraordinary power and versatility of the great machine.

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Cyclone Rake Overview

A brief introduction to the benefits of owning a Cyclone Rake leaf and lawn vacuum system.

Folds-up for Easy Storage

The Cyclone Rake is the only lawn vacuum that folds flat without tools and can hang on the wall.

JetPath™ Vacuum System

The exclusive JetPath Vacuum System delivers superior clog-free vacuum performance.

Miracle Impeller

The patented Miracle Impeller generates increased power and flexes to resist damage.

Cyclone Rake Classic

The Cyclone Rake Classic's nimble performance is perfect for smaller yard and mowers.

Cyclone Rake Commander

The Commander's 8" diameter Vacuum System delivers improved debris flow and performance with 285 gallons of debris capacity.

Cyclone Rake Commercial PRO

The Commercial PRO devours heavy leaf cover with 25% more vacuum power than the Commander and 415 gallons of debris capacity.

Cyclone Rake XL

The Cyclone Rake XL's 8 HP engine and 415 gallon capacity turn big property cleanup jobs into a Ride in the Park.

Cyclone Rake Z-10

Our most powerful Cyclone Rake ever! See how the Cyclone Rake Z-10 muscles through this high-high lawn without a single clog.