Kevin M. Owner Video

Kevin M. has owned his Cyclone Rake garden leaf vacuum since 2007. Listen to his Cyclone lawn vacuum review and see why he loves the Power Vacuum Pick Up accessory.

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Jay and Becky
Jay & Becky D.

from Woodbridge CT.
Cyclone Rake Commander
owners since 2009

Kevin M
Kevin M.

from Fairfield CT.
Cyclone Rake XL
owner since 2007

Norm F
Norm F.

from Woodbridge CT.
Cyclone Rake Classic
owner since 2001

Sal B
Sal B.

from Middletown CT.
Cyclone Rake Classic
owner since 1998


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Cyclone Rake Owner Letters

Each year we are privileged to help thousands of homeowners end their struggle with back-breaking property care. We relish the emails and letters we receive from them after they’ve discovered how well the Cyclone Rake works. Here are just a few we have received. These letters are updated regularly, so check back often for new submissions. Or, provide your own Cyclone Rake Vacuum reviews by clicking the button in the upper right of this page.

“I've changed the name to Hurricane Rake.”

“I bought my Cyclone Rake last year for fall leaf cleanup only. I don't bag my grass clippings or use it for any other purpose. However after hurricane Irene came through I walked around and picked up all of the bigger sticks. Then I hooked up my Cyclone Rake and vacuumed up all of the leaves and small twigs. When I was done you couldn't tell that a hurricane came through. So I've changed the name to "Hurricane Rake". I was so glad to have it!.”

— Joe C. in Hebron, CT

“I am totally amazed!”

“I am totally amazed! What a great piece of equipment. My neighbors have marveled at the ability of the Cyclone Rake to pick up leaves. I wish I had ordered one years ago.”

— Kevin C. in Peachtree City, GA

“The Cyclone Rake does an absolutely perfect job
picking up the leaves and mulching them.”

"My Cyclone Rake is the best investment I have ever made in a piece of lawn and garden equipment... I have one acre of yard to maintain with many, many leaves and the Cyclone Rake does an absolutely perfect job picking up the leaves and mulching them.

— Richard C. in Westwood, MA




“Thanks Cyclone Rake!
Clean up after Irene was a piece of cake!”

“I have used my cyclone rake many times on my hilly 2 acres mixed with pine, maple and oak. What used to take 20 or more "empty trips" with the traditional bagger system now only take 2 or 3 in the peak season. Most recently used to clean up my grounds after Hurricane Irene making it a snap to clean up all the debris”

— Emile L. in West Warwick, RI

“Received my Cyclone Rake Classic yesterday. Assembled it and hit the leaf covered lawn. Wow! What a good product? It really did a super job.”

— Mike W. in Richmond Hill, GA

“We love, love, love our Cyclone Rake."

"Thanks so much for a great product. If anyone in this area is thinking about getting a Cyclone Rake, we would be glad to talk to them."

— Jim and Diane K.
in Fernandina Beach, FL

“The power is it has is just awesome”

"I have the Commercial PRO. I can’t tell you how over the top your product is!! It amazes me still every time I use it. The power is it has is just awesome."

— Eric S. in Arab, AL

I have had the Cyclone Rake for about 4 years. I absolutely love it and now I actually look forward to doing my leaves, and my neighbors! Thank you.

— Cathy M. in St Louis, MO

I am very pleased with my new Cyclone Rake XL.”

"I am very pleased with my new Cyclone Rake XL. I’m known as the neighborhood tool-man and my Cyclone Rake is one of my best."

— Dale S. in Owings Mills, MD

It is truly a user-friendly workhorse”

"The Cyclone Rake performed beyond my expectations. You guys have done a great job designing a high-quality product that is simple to use. It is truly a user-friendly workhorse."

— David A. in Houston, TX