The Wall Mount Kit

Cyclone Rake folded up and hanging on the wall of a garage.Hang Your Cyclone Rake Right on the Garage Wall

The unique design of the Cyclone Rake allows it to fold flat for easy storage when you're not using it. When folded, the chassis and collector are just 8 inches thick and can be attached right to the wall in your garage, shed, or barn using our garage wall hanging brackets.

The Cyclone Rake Wall Mount Kit is far stronger than anything you can get in a hardware store. This garage wall mount is made from solid steel with a heavy, weatherproof, polymer finish for lasting durability. To see the wall mount kit in action, check out our yard equipment storage video page.

We recommend these garage wall hanging brackets for all Cyclone Rake owners with limited storage space.

Wall Mount Kit

List Price: $39.00

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Step One: a woman folding down the collector

Storing a Cyclone Rake is simple. The collector unit folds down flat.

Step 2: a woman carrying the collector unit.

The chassis and collector are easy to handle without using tools.

Last Step: All of the Cyclone Rake components are hanging on the wall.

Only the Cyclone Rake goes from fully assembled to hanging in a few quick steps.

Hanging in a shed

The Cyclone Rake fits easily in any shed and stays out of the way when not in use.