The Tuff-PRO Super Hose - Deck Hose Upgrade

The tuff-pro deck hose attached to a mower deck adapter. 20 Times More Abrasion Resistant

Tuff-PRO Urethane Super leaf vacuum hose is the highest grade hose material you can buy. It was developed for commercial users, but it’s a great option for all Cyclone Rake owners. It’s extruded from an industrial-grade urethane polymer that is 20 times more abrasion resistant than standard PVC hose material. Tuff-PRO hoses offer added puncture and tear resistance with improved protection from damaging UV rays or gasoline spills.

If you intend to give your Cyclone Rake a real workout, Tuff-PRO hoses are a smart investment. These leaf vacuum deck hose upgrades are available for the Classic, Commander and Commercial PRO models and is included at no charge for the XL and Z-10 models. It's also available for the Power Vacuum Pickup , Estate Vacuum , and Power Unloader accessories.

List Price: $39.00 (When ordered with a Cyclone Rake)

NOTE: This upgrade is included with XL & Z-10 models.

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