Lighten Your Load

A safe and secure way to carry vacuum hoses and tools on top of your Cyclone Rake collector, and drive everything exactly where you need it. This roof rack attachment for the Cyclone Rake is a real advantage for big properties.

Our vacuum roof-rack includes two heavy-duty steel struts with a white powder-coat finish and quick release knobs to let you attach it in seconds — without tools. Plus, two extra-long bungee cords to easily secure everything in place.


Roof-Rack Carrier

List Price:  $69.00

Sale Price:  $54.99



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Carry your yard tools along with your vacuum hoses. The Roof-Rack Carrier is like having an extra pair of hands on the job with you.


Two extra-long bungee cords secure everything in place quickly and easily..


The easiest, fastest and safest way to transport your vacuum hoses around your property.


Carry your Power Vacuum Pickup or Estate Vacuum to the areas you can't reach with your mower.