The Power Unloader

man using the power unloader to shoot collected debris into the woods.Unload to Places You Can't Drive to

Connect the Power Unloader to the Cyclone Rake and empty your debris anywhere you want. It's a great alternative for people without access to an unloading area or composting pile. With 15 feet of reach, you can blow everything over a wall, deep into the woods, or into the back of a truck. The Power Unloader chute can be connected to face either direction for added convenience when unloading your Cyclone Rake.

Note: Requires the Power Vacuum Pickup or Estate Vacuum to use.

Available with our standard-duty PVC hose or with our Tuff-PRO Urethane Super Hose.

Power Unloader - PVC

List Price: $329.00

Power Unloader - Tuff-PRO Urethane

List Price: $439.00

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Leaves shooting out of unloader hose

The Power Unloader's adjustable chute and powerful stream of mulched debris go right where you want it.

Power Unloader in Tuff-Pro Urethane Hose

The Power Unloader is also available in Tuff-PRO Super Hose.

Unloading up a hill

Unload up a hill, deep into the woods, or even into the back of a truck.

PVC Power Unlading over a stone wall

Use the Power Unloader with the Power Vacuum Pickup or Estate Vacuum to blow debris just about anywhere.