The Estate Vacuum

man using the estate vacuum accessory to pick up leaves down a grass path.Clear up to 3,000 Square Feet in a Single Pass

Just connect the 32-foot Estate Vacuum to the Cyclone Rake and you can clear up to 3,000 square feet of leaves, pine needles acorns, or other lawn debris in a single pass. That’s larger than the floor area of most homes. With the Estate Vacuum, you can clear large ivy beds, outdoor stairs, walkways, foundation plantings, or an entire deck without having to constantly move your tractor.

The Estate Vacuum's 32-foot reach length is the longest in the industry and will sweep an area 64 feet across. Don't need that much reach? Try the Power Vacuum Pickup for a lawn vacuum hose with the same great power at 17 feet of length.

Available with our standard-duty PVC hose or with our Tuff-PRO Urethane Super Hose.

Estate Vacuum - PVC

List Price: $459.00

Estate Vacuum - Tuff-PRO Urethane

List Price: $599.00

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The Estate vacuum with the ugraded urethane hose.

The Estate Vacuum is also available in Tuff-PRO Super Hose.

Man using the Estavacuum to clear leaves from a long stone path

Effortlessly clear long walkways and paths that are impossible to drive through.

man using the power vacuum pickup half of the estate vacuum.

Vacuum shrubs and plantings without moving the mower.

man using the estate vacuum with the urethane hose to clear debris under bushes.

It has an adjustable padded shoulder strap for maximum comfort and ease of use.