The 3-Point Hitch Adapter

the 3-point hitch adapter with an inset image of the tractor it is used with.The Solution for Larger Tractors

The 3-point adapter is a standardized method of attaching implements (equipment) to larger garden tractors. The hitch uses two lower connection points and one upper point which provides a rigid connection. Hydraulic cylinders operate on the lower arms to raise and lower the implement. If the back of your tractor looks like the pictures to the right, then you would need to purchase our 3-Point Hitch Adapter.

Our 3-Point Hitch Adapter is built from heavy-gauge steel with custom welds and a beautiful, rust-resistant powder-coated to give you years of reliable service.

3-Point Hitch Adapter

List Price: $99.00 (When ordered with a Cyclone Rake)