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Don R. - R
XL Owner
Mims, FL

"Absolutely one of the best attachments I have purchased."

Don_R._web-1Absolutely one of the best attachments I have purchased. The XL was easy to assemble. I needed a little help lifting the motor into place but other than that a smooth setup. Buy the jack stand! I did and what a gem. This stand takes all the weight off your machine when not in use while leaving the Cyclone Rake attached to your mower. Plus, it makes moving the unit around very easy while not attached to your mower. I should have bought the Cyclone Master power lifter when it was suggested but one is on the way! Here in Florida the soil is sandy and makes the loads a bit heavy when the collector filled to the top. The steel linings are an excellent upgrade. Honestly, every upgrade that was suggested to me for my location was spot on. I am very pleased with my Cyclone Rake. Thank you for a smooth 5-star transaction.