Cyclone SuperHauler Extras

Great options to get more work done with less effort.

These back saving, problem solving, heavy lifting accessories give you amazing power and versatility with your Cyclone SuperHauler to make even the toughest transporting jobs easy.



Turf Tires

The Turf Tires are gentle enough to handle your most manicured lawns, and tough enough to take off the beaten path.



All-Terrain Tires

These All-Terrain Tires are built with an aggressive tread to handle the toughest spots of your property.



The Bulk Bin

A massive holding capacity to transport a variety of loose materials, while being perfectly balanced for easy unloading.


The Flexi-Deck

This deck transforms from a bin style transporter, to a flat bed in seconds. Easily move everything from hay bales to fence posts.


The Flexi-Deck Extension

Gives you the extra height you need to keep the most bulky materials contained to safely transport them around your property.


Maintenance Kit

You give your SuperHauler a real workout and we want to help you keep it in tip-top shape. We've included everything you need to maintain your engine and chains in one convenient kit.