The Cyclone SuperHauler™ Uses


The Cyclone SuperHauler™ power transporter has hundreds of uses. From farms to construction sites, nurseries, or the toughest homeowner jobs, you’ll find no end to the applications. Like all Cyclone Products, the SuperHauler is designed with tasks in mind and we’ve thought through a wide variety of jobs that this powerful machine will help you get done. Here are a few to consider:

Versatile Workhorse

Whether you’re looking to move a few bags of mulch or reset an entire stone wall, the SuperHauler gives you the flexibility and hauling capacity to handle the jobs. You’ll especially love the hydrostatic transmission which eliminates the horrendous, outdated gear shifting technology which is either too slow or too fast. Our transmission lets you decide the speed and allows you to speed up or slow down on the fly.

Heavy Loads

When we designed the SuperHauler, we paid special attention to the need to be able to move and dump very heavy loads of a wide variety of materials. With up to 800 pounds of tested capacity you can tackle big jobs. When it’s time to unload, you’ll fall in love with our perfectly balanced dump mechanism, letting you drop materials right where you want them.


Tight Spaces

Barns, stables, greenhouses and construction sites are just a few of the places you can take the Cyclone SuperHauler. Designed to get into the areas where the work gets done, we didn’t make sacrifices that would impact maneuverability. With our 4 pneumatic tires, your loads stay balanced and easy to move.


Tough Terrain

Woods, gullies, mud, sand and rough terrain are no match for the Terra-Traction drive. While other powered haulers suffer from constant wheel spin out at exactly the wrong time, our Terra-Traction locking differential makes sure you’ll keep moving. You’ll take on mid to steep slopes and uneven terrain like you’re walking down a flat road.


Easy to Use

As with all Cyclone products, ease of use and safety are designed right in to the SuperHauler. Every unit comes equipped with a dedicated brake to prevent roll away accidents. Release the brake and your SuperHauler stops. Right there. Our ingenious, quick release levers let you switch bins in a matter of seconds with NO tools.


Get More Moved in Less Time

Why make 8 trips with a wheelbarrow? The Cyclone SuperHauler will do it in 1! With either our Bulk Bin or the amazing Flex-Deck, you’ll easily move huge loads with little effort. From bulk materials including mulch, dirt, stone and compost to fence posts, plants, hay bales and peat moss, these units will handle everything you need to get the job done.


Effortless Dumping

Once you get your materials where you want them, the last thing you want to do is to struggle to dump them. Our balanced bins lift easily with the flip of a lever and take advantage of a pivot point that let you lift more than you thought you could.