Commercial PRO Power-Lift Unloader Replacement Parts

The Cyclone Rake’s Power-Lift Unloader is a technological marvel and a workhorse. From the diagram below you can see this is one of our more complex accessories. So, if you need any help figuring out what part you may need, please feel free to give our Product Technicians a ring.

For easy ordering click on the yellow key number bubble in the drawing below. A small window will open where you can change the quantity of the part you’re ordering and add it right to your cart from there. Or you can scroll farther down the page and order from the more detailed list of parts.

Again, if you are unsure of the part you need, or don’t see it listed here give our Product Technicians a call and we’ll get you back up and running.

Note: This part list is for the CycloneMaster and Cyclone Power-Lift Unloader only. Please call to order CycloneMate parts.

Power-Lift Unloader Parts
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Key # Part # Product Name QTY Price  
622 01-02-542 Actuator Pivot Assembly


623 01-01-1627 Wear Plate


624 01-01-1622 Actuator Brace, Cyclone Master


625 01-01-1628 Lifter Cable Guide, Cyclone Master


626 01-01-1642 M6 x 16 mm Pan Head Screw


627 01-01-1548 Base Plate Foot, Power Lifter


628 01-01-1510 Pivot Bracket, Power Lifter


629 01-01-1641 M5 x 16 mm Screw


641 01-01-1633 Wear Protector Inner, Cable Hook


642 01-01-1634 Wear Protector Outer, Cable Hook


643 01-01-1643 M3 x 0.5 nylock nut


644 01-01-1645 M3 x 10 phillips pan hd screw 0.5 pitch