Commercial PRO Blower Replacement Parts

We maintain a complete selection of Blower Replacement Parts for your Cyclone Rake Commercial PRO. For easy ordering click on the yellow key number bubble in the drawing below. A small window will open where you can change the quantity of the part you’re ordering and add it right to your cart from there. Or you can scroll farther down the page and order from the more detailed list of parts.

Our impellers are specifically designed to only be used with our Cyclone Rakes. They are designed for an engine with a 1" diameter, keyed shaft with a 3" reveal. Do not order a larger impeller than what is offered for your specific Cyclone Rake as it will not fit and function properly.

If you are unsure of the part you need, or don’t see it listed here, give our Product Technicians a call and we’ll get you back up and running.

Blower Replacement Parts
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Key # Part # Product Name QTY Price  
003d 02-02-077 Exit Chute Complete with Latches - Commercial PRO (Green)


021 02-03-020 5-Blade Orange Impeller w/hardware kit


162 09-02-055 Square plastic plug for motor frame-Set of 4


172a 01-02-681 Engine Clamp Handle with Rubber Washers (Set of 2)


269 01-01-563 10-24 x 1/2" Liner Screw


276 01-02-261 Safety Cover bracket with t-nut and screw


278b 01-02-1160 Safety Cover Green 8" with bolt & nut


289 01-01-145 Liner Nut (Special Part- Hardened Steel)


298 01-03-1866 Blower Housing Handle with hardware


455 02-03-021 5-Blade Orange Impeller Replacement Kit - XR950 and Cyclonic Vanguard


489 01-03-045 Latch, with Screws & T-nuts (set of 2)


523 01-02-564 Standard Strike, with Hardware (Set of 4)


568 01-02-126 4 Caster Wheels with Nuts and Washers - Motor Frame


571 01-02-128 Exit Plate with Studs, Wide Strike and Nuts