Commercial PRO Deck Hoses: 8 inch Inside Diameter

The Cyclone Rake 8 inch diameter hoses on this page are built specifically for the Cyclone Rake Commercial PRO model. Each hose comes in a variety of lengths, which are provided fully in the list below, and we have a complete stock of supporting parts including latches, collars, and band clamps.

For easy ordering click on the yellow key number bubble in the drawing below. A small window will open where you can change the quantity of the part you’re ordering and add it right to your cart from there. Or you can scroll farther down the page and order from the more detailed list of parts.

If you are unsure of the part you need, or don’t see it listed here, give our Product Technicians a call and we’ll get you back up and running.

Deck Hose 8" Inside Diameter
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Key # Part # Product Name QTY Price  
035 01-01-227 Band Clamp, 7" Flat Type


052e RPVC-08-035 PVC Hose 8in dia x 3.5 ft


052f RPVC-08-04 PVC Hose 8in dia x 4ft


052g RPVC-08-05 PVC Hose 8in dia x 5ft


052h RPVC-08-06 PVC Hose 8in dia x 6ft


052i RPVC-08-08 PVC Hose 8in dia x 8ft


052j RPUR-08-35 URE Hose 8in dia x 3.5ft


052k RPUR-08-04 URE Hose 8in dia x 4ft


052l RPUR-08-05 URE Hose 8in dia x 5ft


052m RPUR-08-06 URE Hose 8in dia x 6ft


052n RPUR-08-08 URE Hose 8in dia x 8ft


052o RPUR-08-10 URE Hose 8in dia x 10ft


483a 01-02-080 MDA Collar 8", with Latches (Green)


484 01-01-1152 Band Clamp, 9" Flat Type


485a 01-02-059 8" x 8" Blower inlet collar with Latches (Green)


486a 01-01-1154 Band Clamp, 8" Bridge Type


487b 01-01-1705 Rubber Collar - Straight, for 8" Hose


489 01-03-045 Latch, with Screws & T-nuts


523 01-02-564 Standard Strike, with Hardware


575 01-02-012 7" x 8" Tapered Rubber Collar Kit


577 01-02-013 8" x 8" Straight Rubber Collar Kit