Cyclone Rake 7" PRO Hitch Replacement Kits & Parts

We stock a variety of dual pin hitches used to connect your Cyclone Rake Classic to the rear of your mower. Whether you need a complete hitch kit, or just a few parts, we maintain a complete inventory to get you hooked up quickly. If you're changing tractors and need a new hitch, please contact our Product Technicians to make sure you get the right hitch for your new tractor. 

For easy ordering click on the yellow key number bubble in the drawing below. A small window will open where you can change the quantity of the part you’re ordering and add it right to your cart from there. Or you can scroll farther down the page and order from the more detailed list of parts.

If you are unsure of the part you need, or don’t see it listed here, give our Product Technicians a call and we’ll get you back up and running.

Hitch Replacement Kits & Parts
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Key # Part # Product Name QTY Price  
490a 208-090A Hitch Bar 90 deg w/ hardware


490b 208-070A Hitch Bar 70 deg w/Hardware


490c 208-055A Hitch Bar 55 deg w/Hardware


490d 208-090XA Hitch Bar 90 deg w/ Long Bolts


490e 208-080A Hitch Bar 80 deg w/Hardware


490f 208-090ZA Hitch Bar w/Reinforcement


563 01-02-1434 Standard Hitch Bar hardware w/ Standard bolts (Set of 2)


564 01-02-683 Standard Hitch Bar hardware w/ Long bolts (Set of 2)


582 01-01-1899 Reinforcing Plate