Commercial PRO Cyclone Rake Hitches

Get the best connection to the rear of your Commercial PRO Cyclone Rake with our specially designed hitches.

Each hitch will come will all the hardware needed to attach it to the rear of your mower, as well as the installation instructions. 

If you DON'T know the Hitch you need for your mowerclick here fill out the form, tell us your mower's make, model number, and deck size, and we will reply with the Hitch you need to connect the Cyclone Rake to your specific mower,

If you DO know the Hitch you need, click on the Hitch image below to find your new Hitch. Once on the Hitch page, simply scroll down in the dropdown box to find the specific Hitch part number you need and then click “Add to Cart”.

NOTE: The hitch will change depending on your mower, so you will need to know the specific make and model you have before ordering.