Spring Cleanup

Easy Spring Cleaning for a Great-Looking Lawn

The Cyclone Rake Makes Short Work of Spring Cleanup Too!

Throughout your spring cleaning, the Cyclone Rake even picks up the weed seed that mowers just scatter around. With this versatile tool, you'll see a real improvement in your lawn and you'll be using far fewer chemicals. It's your best friend after winter's severe weather and in the summer, it will keep your lawns and grounds in perfect shape.

With ten times the lifting power of most riding mowers, its powerful Briggs & Stratton engine and vacuum system get the thickest lawns clean, even when they're wet. No more clots of dead grass to spoil the lawn. No more de-thatching to remove dead grass clippings. And you can forget about stopping to empty the bagging systems on mowers. They simply can’t stack up to the up to 415 gallons of capacity in our larger Cyclone Rake models making grass collection as easy as leaf collection. Spring cleaning and summer mowing made easy!

Control Overgrown Fields and Meadows

If you have serious overgrown areas on your property, there’s no need to invest in a separate brush cutter. Put your Cyclone Rake to work and see how easy the spring cleanup can be. The field shown here was about two feet tall. Now it looks like a fairway with the help of the Cyclone Rake Z-10.

Flowerbed Cleaning

No matter how hard we try to get the flower beds clean in the fall, the winter winds tend to blow everything back into them. With the Cyclone Rake extension vacuums, spring cleaning is fast and easy. With a reach up to 32 feet, you can clear the flower beds in minutes and be ready for new planting or managing the existing plantings.