Talk To A Neighbor Who Owns A Cyclone Rake

One of the truly unique opportunities we offer is our one-or-a-kind referral service. We know that while you can read plenty of reviews on the internet, sometimes it helps to speak to an actual owner of a product to get their input and insight on the ownership experience. Our referral program gives you that opportunity.

We will be happy to put you in contact with a neighbor — probably right in your hometown — who owns a Cyclone Rake. You can discuss anything you like, without any interference from us. We think you'll find that this is a great way to ask questions that are specific to your property and important to you. Each Cyclone Rake owner has volunteered to be a referral and will be happy to share their experience with you.

 In order to connect you with a neighbor, we need your name, address, ZIP and phone. We will call you with the name, and phone number of the neighbor that's closest to you. Then, you call them directly and talk to them about their Cyclone Rake.

Your Privacy Is Respected And Protected

We will not share or sell your information with anyone. We will call you only to provide the neighbor's contact information. We always respect your right to privacy.

Why do we ask for your telephone number?

To protect your neighbor's privacy, and avoid any possibility of internet pranksters, we only give out a neighbor's information by telephone. We trust you will appreciate our care and consideration. 




Fill In The Form Below

The easiest way is to fill out the form below. We will call you with telephone numbers of neighbors who own Cyclone Rakes. Your privacy is protected. We do not share your information with anyone, ever.

Or, Call Toll Free 1-(888) 531-7253

If you prefer, you can call our Customer Service Team to request a referral. If you call during our high seasons (March through May and September through November) you might experience some hold time on the phone. We are open 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday- Friday, Eastern Time.
Is your Address Correct?

Please take a moment to check your address before submitting.  Each year we receive hundreds of returned catalogs because of addressing errors. Unfortunately, proper format is very important when entering your mailing information.  For example, be sure to enter a space between numbers and words in your address: 123 Main Street is correct, but 123MainStrt might be delayed or returned by the post office as undeliverable.

Thank You.