Safest To Drive


Most Compact and Safest to Drive

Safety is important. The compact design of the Cyclone Rake lets it maneuver through areas that would be impossible for other machines. You can back-up safely because you can see behind you. The Cyclone Rake gives you good, clear visibility where you really need to see, like backing up to unload, or avoiding damage to your property. It will also never jackknife. The scale drawing, below, shows the Cyclone Rake Commander compared with other similar capacity machines. Notice the size and visibility difference. Even our 415-gallon capacity Z-10, XL and Commercial PRO models will back up as easily as driving forward. It’s a tremendous benefit when maneuvering into (and out of) tight places. Or just backing up to unload.


Low Profile & Dual-Pin Hitch Make It Safer To Use

The Cyclone Rake’s compact design and dual-pin hitch makes backing up and maneuvering in congested areas easier and safer. As illustrated, the low profile design gives the driver greater visibility to easily view persons or obstacles behind the Cyclone Rake. And the dual pin hitch allows the driver to get in and out of tight spaces without trouble. It will never jackknife, so backing up is as easy as driving forward.