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RoboReel Water -150ft

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  • RoboReel-Slider-Water-4
  • RoboReel-Slider-Water-1
  • RoboReel-Slider-Water-5
  • RoboReel-Slider-Water-2
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Smart Watering? No, It’s Genius

With its intelligent design and cutting edge mechanical operation, The RoboReel Water Hose eliminates the need for temperamental sprinkler systems and ugly and inefficient hose reels. This 150’ x 1/2” model can easily reach the jobs you need to get to. Every unit includes 5 different nozzles, a sprinkler and a long-life rechargeable battery to keep you going throughout your watering seasons and with complete 360-degree rotation, you’ll soak every corner.

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Easy to Use

One-Touch Retraction: With the touch of a button on top of the reel or from the end of the hose, RoboReel winds the hose in nice and neat every time.
A Variety of Nozzles: The RoboReel Water comes equipped with 5 nozzles and a sprinkler attachment.
One-Touch Water: You never have to reach into the shrubs to turn the water on/off as the remote from the end of the hose manages the water flow with the touch of a button.
Power Assist: RoboReel senses your movement when you begin to pull the hose, engaging the motor to assist you in extracting the hose.
Operates Unattended: RoboReel comes with a programmable remote and timer, allowing you to water your garden on a regular schedule for up to a month before automatically shutting off the water and retracting the hose.



Engineered Polycarbonates: RoboReel is made with a special blend of polycarbonates that provide chemical, impact, and UV resistance and can withstand heavy weathering and exposure to the elements.
NeverKink Hose: The RoboReel Water Hose Reel comes installed with a heavy-duty, NeverKink Hose that is designed to prevent kinks, twists, and tangles.  
Rechargeable Long Life Battery: Powered by a rechargeable battery, the RoboReel Water Hose Reel can last for over 100 full retractions, which is an entire season under normal use.


Design Features

Leak Prevention: All the connections throughout the RoboReel include double O-rings to prevent leaks and water waste.
360º Rotation: The RoboReel rotates 360 degrees, allowing it to be used as a central watering hub with a 200 ft. – 300 ft. diameter reach (depending on hose selection).
Safety: Safety features such as low voltage technology and intelligent retraction which stops if the wind is obstructed, are included in the RoboReel to help prevent injuries or damage.


Water Conservation

Unlike other automatic reels, RoboReel does not waste water by using water pressure to wind in the hose. All connections throughout the reel include double O-rings to prevent leaks. The RoboReel also includes a timer so if the water is accidentally left on for over an hour it will turn the water off automatically. You may forget to turn the water off but the RoboReel Water Hose Reel doesn’t.



RoboReel Water - 150 ft

Make Great Stuff, Inc.
Width 31 inches
Height 25 inches
Length 34 inches
Weight 65 pounds
Hose Length 150 foot
Hose Size 1/2 inch
Swivel Degree 360 degrees
Number of Nozzles Included 5 nozzles
Sprinkler Attachment Included
Feeder Hose Length 10 feet
One-touch Water Yes
One-touch Retract Yes


RoboReel Warranty4 years or 4,000 winds




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