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Offer expires January 31, 2019

4 Steps to Easy Online Ordering

Ordering your Cyclone Rake couldn’t be easier. We’ve got a simple 4 step process that will have your Cyclone Rake built and on its way.

Step 1: Tell us about your tractor: Provide the make (for example – John Deere, Kubota, Craftsman, etc.) and Model of your tractor. Some of the Model numbers are a bit hard to find so check your owner’s manual (or under your tractor seat) for that info. If you have any questions, just call and speak with one of our Cyclone Rake Experts.

Step 2: Choose your Upgrades and Accessories: We have a great line of helpful add-on items that will make your job easier and/or protect your Cyclone Rake. (Remember, if you do not have an existing Mower Deck Adapter, you will need to select that item below to make the connection between your tractor and the Cyclone Rake.)

Step 3: Choose your shipping option: If you choose To Your Door Shipping, we’ll ship your new Cyclone Rake via FedEx Ground and it will be delivered right to your home on a standard FedEx delivery truck. Please make sure you give us the exact address you want it shipped to and of course, no PO Boxes. If you choose Depot Shipping, we’ll ship your Cyclone Rake to a shipping depot via common carrier. You will be responsible for picking up your Cyclone Rake at the depot and you’ll need either a pickup truck, trailer or large SUV. Please make sure all your contact info is accurate.

Step 4: Choose your payment method: We offer a wide range of options for payment including traditional credit cards, PayPal, and financing options as well.

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Cyclone Rake XL - Leaf & Lawn Vacuum