PRO Upgrades

PRO Upgrades are valuable factory-installed options with deep savings opportunities.These contractor-tough items are a tremendous bargain when ordered with your Cyclone Rake. If you intend to give your machine a real work-out, they are well worth the investment.


Mower Deck Adapter

The Cyclone Rake Mower Deck Adapter (MDA) maximizes debris flow, eliminates constriction points and, reduces the chance of debris clogs. It’s stronger than bagger boots and connects easily to your mower.

Dual-PRO Super Wheels

Constructed from heavy gauge steel with two 10-inch pneumatic tires per wheel fork, these “gentle giants” handle the heaviest collector loads while protecting your lawn


Blue Diamond Liner

The Blue Diamond Liner delivers an additional level of protection for extreme use like sandy soil, lots of hard debris or commercial users. 



Tuff-PRO Super Hose

Tuff-PRO hoses offer added puncture and tear resistance with improved protection from damaging UV rays or gasoline spills. 



Electric Start Engine

For the maximum in convenience and ease of use, equip your 8 HP or 10 HP Cyclone Rake with the new Electric Start Engine. With the turn of a key, your Cyclone Rake springs to life with Briggs and Stratton, Vanguard Engine reliability.



These time-saving, work-saving, back-saving accessories give you amazing versatility from your Cyclone Rake. Plus, when your accessories are shipped with your Cyclone Rake, the shipping is FREE. That will save hundreds of dollars compared to buying them later. 


Power Vacuum Pickup

The Power Vacuum Pickup is specially designed to be comfortable, and easy to use. With 17 feet of reach it gets debris from places where your mower won’t go.


Estate Vacuum

The Estate Vacuum is the perfect solution for property owners with really hard-to-reach areas or long stretches of planting areas to clear.



Power Unloader

Connect the Power Unloader to the Cyclone Rake and empty your debris anywhere you want.



Power-Lift Unloader

Redesigned and upgraded, the new and improved Power-Lift Unloader takes the unloading process to a new level of convenience.  



Roof Rack Carrier

The Roof-Rack Carrier attaches to
any Cyclone Rake to help carry your vacuum hoses and other tools around the property.



3rd Wheel Jack Stand

The 3rd Wheel Jack Stand is specially designed to support the Cyclone Rake when it’s not on your mower. It’s made with welded steel construction and has a mirror chrome finish.


Wall Mount Kit

 With our heavy-duty Wall Mount Kit, you can even hang the collector and chassis right on the wall of your garage or shed. 



Weather Defender Outdoor Cover

If you want to leave your Cyclone Rake outdoors between clean-ups, the Weather Defender Outdoor Cover will protect your investment. 


Engine Maintenance Kit

The New Cyclone Rake Engine Maintenance Kit gives you all the parts and tools in one convenient pack so you can easily take care of your Cyclone Rake.






We Fit More Mowers... Even ZTRs!

Through the years we’ve helped customers install the Cyclone Rake on an incredible array of mowers. From small mowers to giant earth movers and ZTRs, hitching up to mowers and tractors is our specialty. We’ve got dozen’s of hitch designs and mower deck adapters to work with just about any machine. Just look at a few of our installations. Just give us a call. Chances are, we can fit up to yours!