Page revisioning and scheduling

Page revisioning and scheduling is a feature that provides the following capabilities:

1. Multiple Versions:
The system allows for the creation of multiple versions of a landing page. However, only one version is active at any given time, and this active version is the one rendered in the user interface.

2. Preview Option:
Users have the ability to preview any version of the landing page before making it active. This allows them to review and assess the changes made in each version.

3. Activation and Scheduling:
Users can set a version as active at any time. Additionally, they have the option to schedule a version to become active in the future, specifying a start date and time. There is no end date for the scheduled activation, meaning the version will remain active until changed.

4. Common SEO and Page URL:
Regardless of the version, common aspects such as SEO settings and page URL remain the same. These elements are consistent across all versions of the landing page.

5. Changeable Title and Content:
Each version of the landing page allows for modifications to the title and content. Users can update and customize these aspects as needed between different versions.

With these capabilities, the system enables effective management of landing page revisions and scheduling, providing flexibility in choosing the active version while maintaining consistent SEO and page URL settings. Users can make changes to titles and content across versions to tailor the page to their specific requirements.

Page revisions tab:
For already created landing pages, go to ‘page revisions’ tab to experience the functionality. For newly created landing pages, once it is saved, ‘Page revisions’ tab will be available.

How to make a new version and publish it?
The system provides a "Clone" option for each version of a landing page. Selecting the "Clone" option creates a new version with the same content as the original. This cloned version can then be modified as desired before publishing.

Publishing can be done in two ways:

"Publish Now": By choosing this option, the selected version becomes the current active version. It is immediately published and rendered in the user interface.

"Schedule Publish": option allows for publishing the content at a specific start date and time. Users can enter the desired date and time, and then click on the "Schedule Publish" button. The content will be published automatically at the specified time.

Note: Once a version is scheduled for publishing, it becomes non-editable. If any changes are required after scheduling, users should create a new version by clicking the "Clone" button and modify it accordingly.

How a version can be saved in draft mode without publishing?
After making changes to a version, save it. Once saved, the version will be in draft mode, allowing further editing.