Reduce Lawn Debris including Pine Needles to a Fraction of its Original Size with the Cyclone Rake's Leaf Mulching Power



With a Cyclone Rake, dry, bulky debris like leaves, sticks and pine needles are mulched and shredded as you drive, making disposal much easier. Your compost piles will be much smaller, and you'll get beautiful, nutrient-rich top soil years sooner as the size reduction will speed up composting. In the spring and summer you can use your Cyclone Rake to mulch grass and pine needles, begin composting it and then add it to your leaf mulch later in the year. 

And, the combination of the Miracle Impeller and your mower blades creates incredible size reduction so you can use your leaf mulch or grass mulch for flower beds, vegetable gardens or even in your potted plants.



Pine Needles and Cones are No Problem

The Cyclone Rake's powerful vacuum system will clear years of matted pine needles and pine cones too. And the system will mulch the pine needles and pine cones too, significantly speeding up the composting and decomposition processes.


Power Unload to Places Where You Can't Drive

Our Power Unloader accessory works like a snow thrower to throw your pine needles, grass, leaves and other debris over a fence, behind the trees, or to fill a truck. It works in conjunction with the Power Vacuum Pickup or Estate Vacuum and is a great choice if you’re not interested in using the mulched materials.