Merchandise Return Process

Step1: The product is delivered to the customer, the order status will be ‘complete’.

Step2: If the customer wants to return an item(s), either customer or Sales rep (impersonate as the customer) can start the return.

Step3: Choose the item(s) from the return products list then select the quantity , return reason and actions. 

When a customer returns a Cyclone Rake, the associated upgrades and accessories are also returned.

Step4:  a. Customers are required to add their comments before submitting the Merchandise return.

   b. If a sales representative initiates a return for a customer by following the previously mentioned procedure and includes staff notes, this field will only be accessible through the sales representative login.

click on the Submit merchandise return button. A confirmation message will be display to the customer with return number

Step5: Now, an automated notification email will be sent to the customer’s registered mail id regarding the submission of new merchandise return. Below is the sample email template.

Step6:Step6: By this time, a case will be created for the return process and email will be sent to the internal team.

Step7:Check the case details (Admin portal—Tools—Manage cases—search with case Id). Subject of the case is ‘Order Return’ and the return number is 12 in this example.

Sales Rep to review and communicate with Customer as needed and generate FedEx labels in a PDF file and send it to the customer by replying to the case created in the previous step using the the Return instructions template.

Step8:To check the particular return request, navigate to Sales—> Merchandise Return in the admin portal. It will give you all the return requests.

Step9: Click on the particular return number.

Step10: In the general info tab, the merchandise return status will be ‘Pending’. If you want to see the order, click on ‘view’ near to order. You can check the returned items as well as the customer comments too.

Step11: Confirm the address under the Pickup Address tab.

Step12: The merchandise return notes added will be visible to the customer in their account if the ‘Display to customer’ button is on

When the note is added and saved, the customer will get email notification and the note will be visible in their account as shown below.

Step13:Go to Return Shipments tab and click on Add Shipments. Here we can add shipments for the particular return.

After filling the details, click on ‘Save’ in the top right corner.

Step14:Now the return shipment is started and the customer account will also be updated with the shipment information .

Step15: When the returned item reached the store, Rep to inspect the return merchandise and if no issues , Rep to change the Merchandise Return Order status to Accepted.

Step16:An RMA is also created automatically in the Salesforce.

Step17: Rep to assign a case note to the Accounting Dept. to process refund with Specific Order total.

Step18:Accounting Dept. to process the Refund in SF.

Step19:Accounting Dept. to respond to the case comment by logging into the icommerce on the Refund status./p>

Step20:Rep to respond to the case with Refund completed template and Close the case.

Step21:Merchandise Return order will bes completed.