Important Information for Customers Picking Up
a Cyclone Rake® at the Factory

All customers should bring at least 30 feet of 3/8 or 1/2 inch rope and
two or more strong ratchet straps.

We’re happy to have you pick up your Cyclone Rake at the factory. However, you must follow safe loading procedures. Improper loading of road vehicles can cause serious accidents which could injure you or other drivers.

Disclaimer of Liability

Because we can not control what type of vehicle you drive, how you drive or where you go, we cannot accept responsibility for the safety of your load. Insurance regulations prohibit us from tying down loads or otherwise assisting you with roadworthiness. You must accept responsibility for the safety of your vehicle and your load. Please read the information on this page before securing your load.

Vehicle Capacities

The table below gives general guidelines. Because vehicle sizes vary significantly, we can’t give complete assurance your lawn vac system will fit. If you have a choice of vehicles, always bring the largest. In the table below, minimum bed size means the flat area between the rear wheels.

If you purchased
this Cyclone Rake
…with any of
these accessories
Minimum vehicle
you need
Minimum flat bed size,
W x L
Classic or Commander 222, 220, 205, 230, 218 SUV or large wagon 36” W x 60” L
Commercial PRO, XL
or Z-10
223, 221, 205, 230, 218 SUV or large wagon 42” W x 67” L
Any Cyclone Rake 225, 226, 227, 234, 235 Large SUV or pickup truck preferred 42” W x 72” L
Securing Your Load

Open bed or rooftop loads can be dangerous. These must be secured with suitable tie downs, such as strong rope or ratchet straps. Twine, bungee cords or light rope should never be used.

Twine and Bungee cords are dangerous on
highways. Do not use them.
Use 3/8 or 1/2 inch rope. Ratchet straps are
also suitable for tying down vehicle loads.