To the Loyal Customers of Woodland Power Products


More than 23 years ago, Woodland Power Products set forth on a path to provide unmatched equipment coupled with service to customers that we could be proud of. Over all these years, we feel incredibly fortunate to have built a customer base that we would line up against any other customer base in the world. Those are bold words. Our customers are that good. And we should know.

This time, the time we are living in today, is different. It’s going to require a very different approach and I believe strongly that each of us needs to do our part to ensure that our communities, our families and our companies come through this – and we will.

And this will take efforts and actions that none of us want or are truly prepared for. So be it.

We have been preparing and much of our attention has been on our people.
We have moved all our Customer Service Teams to home based status. They will be able to speak with you or chat with you safely and we have encouraged them to limit their outside activities.

We have restructured our operations and will move to shipping anything you need on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
We have shifted what our Manufacturing Team does so that every person is sequestered in areas with little or no contact with anyone else on the Team. And we are cleaning and disinfecting the facility every day.

I’m telling you all this because I want you to know what we are doing. That’s on the business side of things and for the time being, if you place an order, we will ship that to you with the utmost care for our people and your order.

On the personal side of things …  
I want you to know that we are here to help you or your friend or family members if we can. We have set up an email address in case someone you know in Connecticut needs some assistance. Members of our Team have volunteered to check in or deliver items to those in need if we can do that without jeopardizing anyone’s health. If you have a loved one that needs assistance, please send us a note to the email address listed and we promise that we will do everything we can to assist and will communicate with you no matter what.

We are so very thankful to you, our customers. We will be part of this solution and with you, we will emerge from this unbelievable challenge in ways that will be hard to fathom.

Thank you.




Matthew Coz
Woodland Power Products