Exclusive Cyclone Rake JetPath® Vacuum System

Advanced Design delivers Superior Performance & Clog Resistance

77% greater debris flow capacity


The JetPath Vacuum System is a tremendous advance in lawn vacuum design and performance. The incredible 10-inch diameter JetPath Vacuum System on the new Cyclone Rake Z-10 delivers nearly three times the debris flow area of six inch systems to devour leaves, grass, pine needles, pine cones, or just about anything else in its path. The Cyclone Lawn Vacuum's JetPath System is also available in an 8-inch diameter on the Cyclone Rake XL, Commercial PRO and Commander models. These machines deliver 77% greater debris flow area than six inch systems. The JetPath Vacuum System's improved vacuum power and increased debris flow mean less chance of clogs; even with very large mowers, heavy wet leaves or waist high field grass.

10-inch Diameter JetPath Vacuum System
6 8 and 10 inch hoses

Capacity Never Before Available

The advanced design of the 10-inch diameter JetPath® Vacuum System provides exceptional, clog-resistant lawn vacuum performance in any conditions. With a 10 HP engine and exclusive Super-Flow Miracle Impeller, the Cyclone Rake Z-10 creates more vacuum power with 277% the debris flow area of six-inch systems.

Goodbye Clogs and Jams — Size Does Matter

Good lawn vacuum design is a lot more than picking up grass clippings. It’s when you get to heavy solid debris — like deep fall leaf drifts, large clots of heavy, wet, matted material after the spring snow melt, or thick carpets of long-leaf pine — that you need large vacuum system capacity. Smaller diameter systems clog easily, and the problem gets worse with larger mower decks that deliver huge volumes of solid debris that can choke the vacuum intake.

Some other consumer lawn vacuums use 6-inch yard vacuum hoses. They are inexpensive, but give poor performance under heavy debris conditions. Our smallest leaf vacuum hose size (on our Classic model) is 7 inches, which gives 40% greater area than a six inch vacuum system. The Cyclone Rake Commander, Commercial PRO and XL models use 8-inch hoses which give 77% more area. And the Cyclone Rake Z-10 gives nearly three times the debris flow area of 6-inch systems for unsurpassed performance in any conditions.

Vacuum Power to Match

We haven’t just increased our leaf vacuum hose diameter. We’ve designed our engine units, impellers and impeller housings to match the hoses. Our larger Cyclone Lawn Vacuums have increased engine power and larger impellers to generate much more powerful air flow to accommodate the larger hose sizes. So you get a double punch— larger flow area for greater debris capacity and more powerful air flow.

Super-flow miracle impeller

Short and Simple — Length Matters, Too

Short & simple - Length mattersIn addition to leaf vacuum hose diameter, hose length and bends are important. Just like a water pipe or heating duct, hose length and bends greatly reduce air flow and vacuum power. In fact, a single 90° bend creates about as much vacuum loss as 20 feet of straight hose. This is a fact well-known to HVAC designers.

Machines which use a single-pin hitch require far longer vacuum hoses than the Cyclone Rake. They also require many bends. That’s because they need to carry a large amount of excess hose in order to make left-hand turns. This extra length hangs slack during normal operation and requires supports to keep it from dragging on the ground, usually rods, cables or other devices.

The typical length of leaf vacuum hose on the Z-10 (or any other model of Cyclone Rake) is about 3 to 5 feet. Plus, the hose run is completely straight and free of power-robbing bends. Notice the photo of the Z-10 vacuum system above. By comparison, single-pin hitch designs require far longer length of hose, and have many vacuum-reducing bends. The bends also form pockets where debris can get stuck.

Single pin hitch jackknives Single pin hitch designs require a much longer leaf vacuum hose in order to make turns. The Cyclone Rake’s double-pin hitch design keeps the hose short and straight. It requires a far shorter hose with no bends or support rods and cables. The short, straight hose run virtually eliminates clog points where debris can get stuck.


The JetPath Vacuum System combines three important engineering advances
to give you the most powerful and clog-free lawn vacuum we've ever offered.

10 inch vs 8 inch hose Short Flow Path The Most Clog-free design
1. The Most Capacity
Giant 10-inch and 8-inch diameter flow paths give you more cross-section area for debris handling Compare the 8-inch JetPath hose (yellow, on the left) with the 6-inch hose, shown for comparison. The 8-inch hose provides 77% greater debris flow area.
2. Short Flow Path
The debris flow path from the mower deck to the collector unit is far shorter than the length of most other systems. So you get more vacuum power with less friction and vacuum loss for better performance.
3. The Most Clog-free Design
Advanced aerodynamic design eliminates the clog points where heavy debris can get stuck in other systems. We can't absolutely guarantee you'll never clog up, but we will guarantee it's tough to do!


All Cyclone Rake hoses including JetPath Vacuum System hoses are available in our rugged, standard hose material or in the optional Tuff-PRO Urethane Super Hose as shown above.

The 10-inch diameter JetPath Vacuum System is available exclusively on the Cyclone Rake Z-10 model. The 8-inch diameter JetPath system is available on the Cyclone Rake XL, Commercial PRO and Commander models. The Cyclone Rake Classic features a 7-inch diameter vacuum system.