The Cyclone Rake can be installed on virtually any mower that has the grass discharge on the right-hand side, as seen from the driver’s seat.



Hitch Bar


(Fig. 1) Unlike single pin hitch trailers that jackknife when you back up, the Cyclone Rake has a 2-pin hitch, so you can back up as easily as you go forward. The illustration at right shows a standard hitch bar installation. If your mower does not look like this, we have custom hitches.

Mower Deck Coupling


(Fig. 2) If your mower has a grass catcher system, you can sometimes use the "boot" or lower portion of your bagger chute to transition from the mower deck to the Cyclone Rake. Your Cyclone Rake will include a flexible collar that slips over the boot opening and is secured with two band clamps that we provide.



Mower Deck Adapter (MDA)

Your Cyclone Rake will deliver more vacuum power and fewer clogs if you use our optional Mower Deck Adapter (MDA). It is specifically designed for higher air flow and fewer clogs than grass catcher boots.  It’s also much tougher and stronger than mower boots, and has convenient quick-release latches for easy connection.

Custom Mower Hitches

If the rear of your mower looks different from Fig. 1, don’t worry. We have custom hitch bars to accommodate nearly every mower type. Call our customer Service department at  (888) 531-7253 FREE to get complete information and pricing. Please have your mower's make and model number available when you call.

Friendly Reminder

When you call to order, please have on hand the make, model, and mower- deck width of your riding mower.

We Fit More Mowers... Even ZTRs!

Through the years we’ve helped customers install the Cyclone Rake on an incredible array of mowers. From small mowers to giant earth movers and ZTRs, hitching up to mowers and tractors is our specialty. We’ve got dozen’s of hitch designs and mower deck adapters to work with just about any machine. Just look at a few of our installations. Give us a call! Chances are, we can fit up to yours.