How We Do Business


We offer and build great products. We also know there’s more to a great business model than having great products. We think the other key piece is the confidence you have in the company on the other end of the relationship.

For twenty years, we’ve stood behind every product and every replacement part we’ve sold. And we’re going to continue to do that for the next twenty years (and then some). Let’s face it, when you invest in a Cyclone Rake, Cyclone SuperHauler, or one of our other products, you’re going to have these amazing tools for a long, long time. So, we make buying them easy and owning them, worry free!

Twelve-Month Risk-Free Trial

Step 1: Purchase a Cyclone Rake or Cyclone SuperHauler. Step 2: Use your Cyclone Rake tow behind leaf vacuum or Cyclone SuperHauler on your property for 12 full months (6 months for commercial operations). Step 3: You decide. If at any time during your risk-free trial, you opt to return your Cyclone product, we will refund your purchase. We will also refund your shipping costs and pay the return shipping from any customer location in the contiguous United States or contiguous Canada. And if you picked your Cyclone Product up at the factory, no problem. Just bring it back to the factory during normal business hours and we'll get you a full refund.
The Fine Print: The risk-free trial is only available one time per family, to new customers. That's it for the fine print.

FREE Three-Year Warranty

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The Warranty for the Cyclone Rake includes: the engine, impeller, and collector unit. The Warranty for the Cyclone SuperHauler includes: the engine, bins and transmission. They are both warrantied for three years from the date of delivery for residential use and one year for commercial use. The Cyclone Rake and SuperHauler are built from quality materials and made to last. You are responsible for routine maintenance, including oil changes, air filters and spark plugs, proper operation, and keeping it protected from the elements. Other than that, we’ve got you covered. Promise.


Occasionally customers find that they would like a bigger (or smaller) unit. We’re happy to assist in this process, but please note that the customer will be responsible for the shipping costs (both ways) in the case of upgrades or downgrades, plus the associated costs of the changes.

Cyclone Promotions

Woodland Power Products will occasionally run promotions or sales on our website or through other advertising. Please note that promotions or offers cannot be combined. Only one offer per transaction and only the current offer is applicable.