How to Impersonate a Customer

On the dashboard, click on Customers

Search for the customer and click on their email address

Click on Place Order

You will then be redirected to the Cyclone Rake website. In the upper right corner of the page there will be a blue button that says "OPERATING ON (CUSTOMER NAME). CLICK TO EXIT"

This is how you know you are impersonating a customer. From here on, you can browse the website normally. Anything you do while impersonating a customer will be recorded on the customer's account, such adding to the cart, creating a quote, placing an order, etc.

Once you are done with the customer, click on the blue button on the upper right corner to return to the Admin panel.

Please note that you cannot have a separate tab with the Admin panel open while impersonating a customer. If you do not exit from impersonating a customer, you cannot access the Admin panel.