How to Create a Knowledgebase Article

1. Click on the Content menu then click Knowledgebase.

2. We have two options such as create Knowledgebase category or create article


Procedure for creating Knowledgebase category

1Click on create Knowledgebase category button

2. We have four tabs including INFO, SEO, RELATED ARTICLES, and ACTIVITY LOG  to edit an article

3. INFO tab settings

  • Name: Add the required name on the field
  • Description: You can add the required details of the article here. You can Select the Font and style from the menu in the Description. We can add images using the manage pictures option
  • Parent Category: We can choose the required parent article from the drop-down
  • Display Order: If we have many articles under the same category, we can set the display order
  • Allow comments: We can enable it if we want to add the outside comments
  • Publish: If we want to publish the article we can enable the published icon
  • Limited to customer groups: We can set the required customer group to the permission to view the article
  • Limited to stores: We can choose the required store 




4. SEO

    SEO refers to search engine optimization or the process of optimizing a website so that we can easily find it via search engines like Google.


We can create related articles using the ADD NEW RELATED ARTICLE button. We can set the display order and permission view as needed.


   It will show all the activities and updates that occurred in the article.