Create a Product Category

Step1: Login to the admin portal

Step2: Click on catalog icon

Step3: Click on categories tab.

Step4: Click on Add New button on the top right corner.

Step5: Please take care of the below listed fields in Category Info tab.

Name: Name of the category.

Description: Content in the category.

Limited to stores: Select the store

Parent category: If the creating category should be under some main category, select the main category as parent category. Then the creating category will be listed on the side menu, under the main category.

Visible: Set visible true.

Step6: SEO tab deals with meta description and seo name.

Step7: Associate the products to the category by clicking 'Add A New Product' button under the products tab.

Step 8: 'Show in the shop page' will show the page in the website.

             'Save' button will save the category.

             'Save And Continue Edit' will save the contents and allow for further editing.

             'Delete' button will delete the category.