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          For nearly 20 years, the Cyclone Rake leaf and lawn vacuum has been conquering the toughest property cleanup jobs with ease. With the widest array of models, our 2016 lineup can handle any property size and each one is custom fit to your specific mower and needs. It allows you to easily tackle jobs that would take you, (or a landscape crew), weekend after weekend of hard labor. 

        The Cyclone Rake is the only leaf and lawn vacuum that folds up flat for easy storage and is conveniently designed to hang right on your wall.

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And when it's time to hitch back up to your tractor or ZTR mower, it goes back together very quickly with NO tools. Designed and built in the US, we stand behind every leaf and lawn vacuum with a full 3-year warranty and a one-of-a-kind 12-month, Risk-Free Trial. We think you'll see that the performance, reliability and value of the Cyclone Rake just can't be beat. All the Cyclone Rake models have been designed with maximum flexibility and durability built into the units and all the accessories we make. We've created a complete assortment of helpful tools that enhance your leaf vac operations. From our Power Vacuum Pickup to our Electric Start Engines and Power Unloaders, each accessory has been refined through years of field testing and onsite engineering. All of that is designed to make the toughest jobs of the year easy.

And every Cyclone Rake model, from the compact and affordable Classic right up through the most powerful unit we make, the Z-10, comes with our complete 1-year Risk-Free Trial. Use the Cyclone Rake for a full year on your toughest leaf and lawn cleanup jobs and decide for yourself. We think you'll say what many of our customers say after they get this great product- "I should have bought one of these years ago."

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