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Quote It used to take me three or four hours of hard work to clear my yard with a rake. Quote

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Middletown ,CT


Quote “ Wow! I wish I could have found the Cyclone Rake six years ago!” Quote

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Vermillion ,OH


Quote "I’ve used it my second fall and can say I don’t own another tool that saves me more time. I mow nearly six acres and need to remove leaves from about three acres of that." Quote

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Kati H


East Aurora ,NY


Quote “The best piece of outdoor equipment we have ever purchased” Quote

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Richfield ,OH


Quote “Every component is heavy-duty, the quality is exceptional” Quote

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Apex ,NC


Quote We mowed our seven acres and only had to empty two times and the yard looks fabulous. Quote

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Richmond ,MI


Quote “The leaf situation is an enormous problem in the fall. We’ve tried raking, blowing, burning and pick-up with a bagger lawnmower, but not until we purchased the Cyclone Rake a couple of years ago have we finally found the solution” Quote

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Ron W

Decatur ,AL


Quote I used to struggle weekend after weekend trying to clear my yard out. Quote

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Woodbridge ,CT


Quote What used to take several weekends and a small army of family and friends by hand, now takes about two days with the Cyclone Rake. Quote

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Chicago ,IL


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All Cyclone Rake machines are built to order in our West Haven, CT factory. We will supply you with an estimated ship date when you place your order. Cyclone Rake machines normally ship within 2-3 business days of completing your order. During heavy order season (April, September, October and November), the time from order to shipment might be 4-5 days, but rarely more. Transit time varies depending on your location. We supply you with a tracking number for your order as soon as it ships. This allows you to track its progress on the Internet. Typical shipping times are 2-3 days (in the Northeast), 4-5 days (Midwest and Southeast) and 5-8 days (West and Pacific)


------ Cyclone Rake Parts ------ Questions

Questions & Answers

How do I order service parts?

We have a separate section of our website that is dedicated to original, aftermarket Cyclone Rake parts and accessories. Just click on the yellow button that says "Cyclone Aftermarket Parts & Accessories" at the top right corner of this page. There you'll find the most commonly requested items. If you do not see what you need, please call our Customer Service department at 888-531-7253 and they will gladly get the parts you need shipped out to you by the next business day.

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Can I buy just the blower unit liner instead of the whole kit?

No, this is a factory installed into the blower unit housing and is not sold online. If you've damaged your blower housing and not the impeller just call us at 888-531-7253 to order only the blower housing with the liner you need.

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Can I buy just the impeller?

Yes, you can! However, before you order, carefully inspect your blower housing. If you need both items, it's more cost effective to purchase a Blower Rebuild Kit. You can find both of these items on our After Market Parts site

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What is included in the Blower Rebuild Kit?

The Blower Rebuild Kit includes the Miracle Impeller and Steel Liner pre-installed into the housing that surrounds it. Plus, we provide all of the proper hardware, tools and instructions you will need to easily and safely make the change. 

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Is there a repair kit for patching holes in the Collector bag?

Yes! We have a patch repair kit. It's located on the Collector Parts Page.

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Can I buy a replacement Tecumseh engine?

We no longer carry Tecumseh® engines. We now have Briggs & Stratton® Engines™. Please call us at 888-531-7253 to order.

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What is the difference between the grass and leaf top screens?

The difference between the screens is the size of the holes in the screen. The Grass screen has larger holes. NOTE: Our new Collectors only have 1 screen.

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