The 12 Features to Look for When
Choosing a Lawn & Leaf Vacuum System

For small properties, leaf cleanup and clearing other yard debris manually with a rake or handheld blowers is pretty easy stuff. However, if you have to clear a larger property or heavy leaf cover, you know that rakes and blowers just don't deliver the performance you need to keep up with your fall leaves or spring property care. In fact, you've probably spent too many long weekends struggling to get the debris picked up each and every year. Fortunately, there is a way to save you time and frustration that you experience every year: the Cyclone Rake. The Cyclone Rake is a powerful pull behind lawn and leaf vacuum that connects to your riding mower to create many times the vacuum and mulching power of the mower alone with far greater debris capacity than standard bagging systems or lawn sweepers. Read more

JetPath Vacuum System delivers superior lawn vacuum performance with less chance of clogging 1: The Most Effective Vacuum Systems

The exclusive JetPath® Vacuum System is available in either an 8-inch diameter vacuum system on the Cyclone Rake Commander, Commercial PRO and XL models, or an industry leading 10-inch diameter vacuum system on the new Cyclone Rake Z-10. The 10-inch diameter flow-path on the Cyclone Rake Z-10 gives you 277% the debris flow area of 6-inch lawn vac systems. The JetPath System's large diameter and streamlined debris path, delivers more vacuum power making it less likely to clog up in tough conditions, especially with larger mower decks, and Zero-Turn Mowers.
Click here to learn more about the JethPath Vacuum System

The heart of the Cyclone Rake is the patented Miracle Impeller

2: The Miracle Impeller

The heart of any lawn and leaf vacuum is the impeller. It’s also the most susceptible to damage from rocks and other hard debris. When a rock impacts a steel impeller spinning at 150mph, it can bend or break the impeller blades. Heavy steel impellers don't flex, they tend to jam up when a hard object enters the system and will require you remove the entire vacuum housing to clear the clog.

With the Cyclone Rake’s patented Miracle Impeller, that’s not an issue. The Miracle Impeller is made from a super-elastomer that withstands tremendous stress without damage. The blades flex to pass hard objects harmlessly into the collector then return to perfect balance. No repairs, no downtime. Coupled with the JetPath Vacuum System, the Cyclone Rake's patented Miracle Impeller will generate nearly ten times the lifting power of your mower alone to lift and mulch just about any debris in a single pass.
Click here to learn more about all 3 patented Miracle Impellers.

Premium Vanguard Engines for years of reliable power and performance

3: Premium Vanguard™ Engines

All Cyclone Rake pull behind lawn vacuum models feature Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™ engines. These are high-performance, commercial-grade engines and they are the best that Briggs & Stratton makes. These proven performers have numerous features not found on consumer-grade engines. In fact, we’ve added several extra options to increase their performance and reliability just for Cyclone Rake owners. Visit the Briggs & Stratton engine page for more information on all Vanguard engines.

The only leaf vacuum that folds flat and hangs right on the wall and can be stored almost anywhere.

4: Easy to Store Almost Anywhere

The Cyclone Rake leaf vacuum folds flat in minutes for easy storage. When not in use, the entire chassis and collector unit fold up flat, just 8-inches thick and can be hung on the wall. The wheels disconnect in seconds without tools. The leaf vacuum mulcher unit effortlessly rolls away on its own caster wheels.Step 1: Just fold up the collector unit. Step 2: Remove the collector unit, engine unit and wheels from chassis. No tools needed. Step 3: Hang the collector and chassis on the wall with optional garage wall mount kit.

5. Fits Virtually Any Mower

Yes, we fit your mower! The Cyclone Rake has a 3-point hitch adapter and mower deck fit-ups available for virtually all mowers, tractors and ZTR’s. We don’t leave you to “go it alone” when fitting up. Our knowledgeable customer service technicians will get you just what you need

Cyclone Rake Comparison Table6: Enormous Debris Capacity

Stop wasting time with low capacity baggers and lawn sweepers. The Cyclone Rake pull behind lawn vacuum is compact, but it can hold a tremendous amount of leaves, grass and other lawn debris. With capacities from 200 gallons with the Cyclone Rake Classic and up to 415 gallons with the Commercial PRO, Cyclone Rake XL and Z-10, there’s plenty of room to get any leaf and lawn cleanup job done fast. Visit the Cyclone Rake Comparison Chartfor more information on all five Cyclone Rake leaf mulcher vacuum models.

The Cyclone Rake's unique design prodives improved visibility and control7: Most Compact and Safest to Drive

Safety is important. And, the compact design of the Cyclone Rake lets it maneuver through areas that would be impossible for other machines. You can back-up safely because you can see behind you. The Cyclone Rake gives you good, clear visibility where you really need to see, like backing up to unload, or avoiding damage to your property. It will never jackknife.

The scale drawing, to the left, shows the Cyclone Rake Commander compared with other similar capacity machines. Notice the size and visibility difference. Even our 415-gallon capacity Z-10, XL and Commercial PRO models will back up as easily as driving forward. It’s a tremendous benefit when maneuvering into (and out of) tight places. Or just backing up to unload.

8: Largest Selection of Accessories & Upgrades

The Cyclone Rake has the largest selection of helpful Accessories and Pro Upgrades. So, you can tailor your Cyclone Rake to your own particular property needs. And, all of our accessories can be added later on if you wish. There is complete backward compatibility for our accessories. So you can buy what you need now, then add to it later if you wish.

Exclusive Easy-Flow Unloading System9: Easiest to Unload

Our Easy-Flow Unloading System is not available on any other leaf vacuum on the market. This exclusive design allows the entire collector to lift to a full 60-degrees and lock into place when unloading, just like a dump truck. Simply back up to your compost site, lift and lock the collector and drive away. The debris falls right out. With Easy-Flow Unloading, gravity does the work, not your back. We also offer an electronic Cyclone Rake Power-Lift Unloader to make the job even easier!

Vacuums and mulches leaves and other debris to a fraction of its original size10: Great Mulching Power

The Cyclone Rake’s Miracle Impeller works with your mower blades to reduce debris volume significantly. The mulched leaves and other lawn debris composts years sooner and is perfect for flower beds or plantings. In many climates, leaves picked up with a Cyclone Rake are reduced to beautiful topsoil within a year.

11: A True 12 Month Risk-Free Trial

With the Cyclone Rake's 12-Month Risk-Free Trial Offer, you can see for yourself how easy property care can be. Use any Cyclone Rake on your property for twelve months to be sure it lives up to your expectations. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll take it back and return everything you paid, including shipping costs for customers in the contiguous United States or contiguous Canada. With the Cyclone Rake's risk-free trial, you've got nothing to lose. Except for the hard work. Click here for details on the Risk-Free trial.

12: A FREE 3-Year Warranty

The Cyclone Rake is built from quality materials and made to last. Every Cyclone Rake, including the engine, impeller, and collector unit, is warranted for three years from the date of delivery for residential use and one year for commercial use. Guaranteed. Click here for information on our 3-Year Warranty.