Common Questions and Parts Ordering Information


Can I use the parts site if I want to do a factory pickup of the part?

  • Only use this store for orders shipped to the "lower 48" states by Postal Service or package carrier. Factory pickups and all other orders please call (888)-531-7253 and we’ll make sure we have your order ready for a factory pickup or we’ll give you a shipping quote for anything that needs to ship to a location outside of the continental U.S.

What is the difference between Cyclone Rake Parts and Accessories?

  • Cyclone Rake Accessories are complementary, complete tools that attach to your Cyclone Rake and help you use or store your machine more easily. Examples include complete Mower Deck Adapters, Wall Mount Kits, Jack Stands, extension vacuums, and maintenance kits. Cyclone Rake Parts are specific components that support the Cyclone Rake and the Cyclone Rake Accessories.

Can I just buy all the parts and put them together to create my own accessory?

  • Sure, but it will cost you more than by simply buying the Accessory.

What are the shipping charges on parts orders?

  • All our parts ship for Free in the continental U.S.

Why aren’t all the Mower Deck Adapters listed on the site?

  • Specialized items like Mower Deck Adapters or Custom Hitches (which are Accessories) may require review by an installation expert. Please call (888)-531-7253 to place your order for those accessories. Parts for those Accessories are listed on the Parts site.

What is your return policy for Parts?

  • Errors are returnable in new, unused condition but we cannot refund shipping charges in either direction and there will be a 15% restocking fee. If you are uncertain about which part to purchase, please call (888)-531-7253.

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