Familiarization of 'Manage Cases'

How to access Case Management Tool

1. Login to admin
2. Navigate to Tools
3. You can find case management under tools.

This section explain how to manage cases. For that, navigate to manage cases.

All the created cases are listed under manage cases. Please refer the image below.

How to search a created case?

If you want to search a specific created case, you can use the search box as shown below. Give Case Id/Customer/Status/Order id/Subject/Contact Name/Description of the particular case and click on search button. Please refer the image below.

Second method is to use the filter. You can find a Filters button right after the Search button. Click on the filters button. You will get a window as shown below. Enter the details you have and click on search button. It will give you the particular case.(For example, you have case id, enter it in the case is field and click on search button.)