Every Cyclone Rake is Designed and Built Right Here in Our Connecticut Factory

Each of us at the Woodland Power Products factory and showroom in Connecticut are proud to be designing, building and selling the best lawn vacuum available; the Cyclone Rake. Our skilled engineers and specialized manufacturing team strive to create a unique lawn vacuum machine that exceeds your every expectation.

Cyclone Rake Factory and Showroom

Built to Order

We’re not just a catalog or retail store. We actually design and build everything we sell right here in our own factory. When you order a Cyclone Rake leaf vacuum, our team of manufacturing specialists will assemble your machine just for you. Each member of the manufacturing team is highly trained and committed to providing uncompromising product quality at every step of the production process. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you unpack your order, but you’ll really appreciate it once you start using your Cyclone Rake.

Cyclone Rake collector assembly area

Easy Delivery

The Cyclone Rake leaf vacuum and accessories are shipped via FedEX, right to your door, in a few easy to handle boxes instead of one giant crate. You'll also receive a detailed, step-by-step Owner's Manual, safety goggles, earplugs and an installation DVD with your order. Initial set-up time is typically under two hours. If you need any assistance, just call us toll-free at 888-531-7253.

Quality control check on Box One

On-Site Engineering

Every component of the Cyclone Rake is designed by our engineers and manufactured to exacting specifications for superior performance and reliability. We control each step of the production process from engineering drawings through final assembly. Our research and design team is continuously developing product enhancements, testing improved materials, and raising quality standards to keep the Cyclone Rake the best property clean-up machine available. This uncompromising attention to detail makes the Cyclone Rake a superior choice for your property care needs.

On-site engineering and product development

Complete Parts Inventory

Because we build each Cyclone Rake right here at our plant, we stock a full complement of parts. When you need anything for your Cyclone Rake leaf vacuum, just call us toll-free at 888-531-7253 and one of our installation experts will be able to help. We will usually get your parts and accessories on their way the next business day.

Complete inventory of spare parts

Factory Trained Sales & Service Team

Our exceptionally trained sales and service team are located at our manufacturing plant in CT and can answer any questions you have. As part of our unique training program, each sales employee has worked the production line and personally built every part of the Cyclone Rake before they take your calls. They are knowledgeable, friendly and ready to help you.

The Cyclone Rake Sales and Service team

Visit the Cyclone Rake Showroom

If you live or are visiting in the CT area, we invite you to visit our factory showroom. You will able to see the latest Cyclone Rakes and accessories.

Click on this link to download driving directions.

Factory and Showroom Hours
Monday through Friday:
8:30 am – 5:00 pm (ET)

Cyclone Rake Classic, Commander and Commercial PRO in showroom

Pick up Your Cyclone Rake at the Factory

If you own a large SUV or pickup truck, you can pick-up your Cyclone Rake right at the factory. Because every Cyclone Rake is built to order and we want to make sure your order is ready, factory pickups should always be ordered and scheduled in advance. Please call 888-531-7253 to schedule a pickup.

Cyclone Rake factory pickup

Before picking up, please review this important loading information:
Important Information on Factory Pick-up

Note: Connecticut state law requires us to charge 6.35% sales tax on all orders shipped to CT or picked up at the CT factory. Out of state residents please take this into consideration when deciding whether to pick-up your order or have it shipped to your home or business.